Week 7 was a pretty mental week if I’m honest because it involved a lot of running, as well as a lot of late nights and too much alcohol… But what it did teach me was that sometimes, it’s better to rest than to run.

training week 7 - 1

I had to run on Monday night (which is usually rest day for me) after my crap Sunday run but I managed to get through it in a relatively speedy fashion, but I could feel my left knee being a bit niggly and my legs getting tired.

training week 7 - 2

Tuesday was another bad running day… Strength training had killed my legs in the morning (so had 3 days of consecutive training) and it felt like I was running through glue with super heavy legs all through my 6 miles. To make matters and my mood even worse I

1) almost had a nasty fall coming down telegraph hill (super steep hill in SE London) resulting in a super painful left knee and
2) it was my grandfathers birthday (he passed away in October last year) – so I was struggling and crying a bit and not enjoying a single step of the run.

But despite wanting to give up every other minute, the thought of my granddad got me through the run.

I was meant to run 3 miles on Wednesday morning before my flight to Budapest, but my legs and my left knee did not feel very well and I decided that it would do me more harm than good to run.

training week 7 - 3

After 4 crazy days in Budapest I have to admit that I was very worried about my long run on Sunday. I had indulged in many things that you shouldn’t really do whilst training (like super late nights & lots of alcohol) so I thought I would struggle a lot during my run.

To my great surprise, the run from Forest Hill >> Brixton >> London Bridge (that involved tackling 3 pretty big hills!) actually went very well! I managed to keep a steady pace and despite feeling my knees from time to time, overall it felt like I had strong legs and enough energy to continue should I have to, so I was very proud of my achievement!

My running weeks will only get more difficult from now on, and this is what I have on this week.


TUE: Strength training & 3 miles – DONE
WED: 6 milesDONE
THU: Strength training & 3 miles DONE
SAT: Swimming – No water in SE23 so had to skip it

Week 6 was not the most exciting training week if I’m honest but a week where I’ve started to feel like I was making good progress.

training week 6 - 1

On Tuesday I went running with Run Dem Crew and lead a small group of hardcore hares to the Tate Modern and then back to Shoreditch via Tower Bridge.

training week 6 - 2

On Wednesday I felt super confident and tried to push myself speed wise. It was hard but successful, and I think it is due to going back to my regular RDC sessions.

training week 6 - 3

My Thursday run was postponed to Friday due to the We Own The Night launch party and the fun times I had the night before really inspired me to try to push myself even further. I cried and spat by accident and I felt like my left leg would fall off, but I didn’t give up and it resulted in my speediest 3 mile run yet!

training week 6 - 4

My Sunday long run was my worst run of the month by far. I started off good but due to trying to run with a bumbag around my waste, it felt like I couldn’t breathe properly and I had a super bad stitch for most of the run, resulting in having to stop 3 times. If that wasn’t enough, most guys around peckham rye kept shouting and making kissing noises after me, including a guy who followed me on his bike for a while… NOT OK!

This usually never happens because Im not confident enough to run in tight tops and during the colder weather I have been wearing my big running jacket. But since Sunday was quite mild I decided to wear the tighter fitting long armed top I was given at the WOTN launch. It’s super comfy but quite tight so it reveals a lot more of my curves, which Im guessing the people around Peckham liked. Maybe I should feel flattered but it was actually quite uncomfortable.

Anyway… this was the “easiest” week for a long time now – so here’s whats coming up this week.


MON: 3 miles DONE
TUE: Strength training & 6 milesDONE
WED: 3 miles NOT DONE!
THU: REST (in Budapest) DONE
FRI: Swimming (in Budapest) – More like recreational bathing…
SUN: 12 miles DONE

Not a lot of people know this (mainly because I didn’t blog about it) – but I ran the first ever Nike We Own The Night 10K race here in London last year. Heck I even got a PB whilst doing so, making it the first ever official 10K race I’ve managed to run under 55 minutes!

Nike - We Own The Night Launch Invite

So when I got invited to the launch event of this years We Own The Night race – I was pretty excited. Since I wasn’t invited last year I didn’t really know what to expect, but I can honestly say that I had loads of fun!


Lots of fabulous ladies were there from Run Dem Crew and it felt so uplifting to finally do something on a week night that didn’t involve running around South East London!


When I arrived I was given a moleskine notebook with the WOTN logo on the front and a handwritten note on the inside. I was given a glass of bubbly and went and collected my free kit that was in a cute little locker with my name tag on it.


After saying hello to the Food & Lycra girls, I went to have my gate analysis done so they could determine what running shoes I should wear. Whilst in the queue I also had a quick catch up with my friend Elles (who you can see running in the pic below!)


Once I had my shoes I went and said hello to the girls in the stylist corner that were showing different ways of personalising the kit that we had been given, alongside some other running and training gear that I really wanted (I REALLY NEED A RUNNING GILET IN MY LIFE!).


I was given tips on how to make long-lasting energy drinks and recovery smoothies, and I also got to chat with a person from Kiehl’s who gave me some great advice and help when it comes to taking care of my skin when I run a lot. It has started to hurt from all the salt and sweat, so the tips they gave me were really useful.


They had a photobooth there, which of course me, E and Angel took full advantage of – and we laughed so much it made my belly hurt a bit. (in a good way of course!)


All in all it was a super fun evening and something I really needed to boost my spirit after a week filled with a lot of emotions. On my way home I couldn’t stop smiling and I felt so incredibly lucky and fortune to have been given this opportunity.


Im by no means some super runner or athlete, Im not famous and Im not sponsored by Nike, so I feel very spoiled. I realise that Im a drop in the ocean and if Im totally honest – Im not different from any of you who are reading this blog – so there’s actually no real reason for Nike to be treating me this way.


So with that in mind I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Nike UK for making me feel so extremely special. Getting back in shape & training for my first marathon hasn’t been easy and this totally gave me the boost I needed. I can’t wait to run the WOTN 10K with all my girl friends the week before I run Copenhagen marathon with Cata & Sam!


And if you feel up for the challenge – why not come and join me and these badass women on the 10th May? You can sign up on the We Own The Night website!