Amsterdam Half Marathon 2015 Race Report

So this race started out a little bit different because we decided to go out on Friday night for ADE – where I stupidly slipped on a wet floor and hit my head so hard I ended up with a minor concussion…

Despite this minor set-back I was still determined to make that sub-2 hour half marathon time mine! So we set off in high spirits, thinking that this race couldn’t be much worse than Copenhagen.


I’m not gonna lie, it was bloody hard! Some parts of the race were really narrow and that really messed up my pacing. But I tried my best to do negative slits to even out the slow parts.


The race finished in the olympic stadium and I just remember pushing ever single fibre in body, shouting at myself from the inside not to give up because I could do it if I really wanted to.


AND I DID!!! 1 hour and 57 minutes!!! Broke down and cried when I finished because it has taken me 4 years to achieve this. However, AT LAST I was able to prove to myself that I could do it and that really is the best feeling ever!


Next up… London Marathon!

Copenhagen Half Marathon 2015 Race Report

So this race started like any other race – with the mandatory kit lay down.


As per usual by this point, Copenhagen greeted me and Cata with heavy rain. Not to mention the fact that everything went wrong for Cata, from choosing the wrong underwear to forgetting her headphones.



But we weren’t gonna let all that be against us and we set out to make the best that we could out of the race.


Cata was struggling a bit but I felt around the 10K mark that I might have it in me to do a sub-2 despite not having properly trained for it. So I set off with the best intentions to at least try to get a PB if nothing else.



And it worked! Despite everything being against us we both ran our best half marathon times to date and I got a PB of 2h 02m! We were totally overjoyed!



We decided to treat ourselves to some post-race beers on the train and man, I dont think a beer has ever tasted that good!