Exhausted but excited!

By March 30, 2015 Life

tired as hell

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words and I think we can all agree that I look bloody run down at the moment…

Just realised it had been around 3 weeks since I last wrote anything here on the blog, sorry! Life has been a bit upside down since I got back from Thailand 6 weeks ago.

Anyway, the reason why I have been so quiet is that I ended up with loads of work before my last day at Jazzman, then I went back home to Sweden for a few day, got back to London and had some bits and bobs to sort out (like this article on VF website, attending a very interesting day hosted by Mixcloud at Convergence, having a massive spring clean in the house aaaaaaand starting a new job…)

So yes, this week I started my new job and I’m really enjoying it but it is a lot to take in all at once. Not just work wise but also the fact that I’m not home alone anymore but in an office with people (might not sound like a big deal but it is!).

The running hasn’t been going good but it’s been ok. Officially went back to RDC this week but due to being totally exhausted every single night of the week I didn’t find the time to go out for another shortish run after work.

After going through a bit of a shitty and stressful period I feel like I’m finally starting to see the end of the tunnel and I’ve decided not to be too harsh on myself with regards to the running.

I have had my set of routines for almost 3 years now, so I need to accept the fact that it will take some time to get used to getting up earlier, going to bed later, and trying to find time to exercise a bit later or earlier in the day. I’m confident that I can do it, but I just need some time to settle in my new job, new routines, and this fresh start I now have.

Very exciting times and I can’t wait to share more info about what I’ll be working with from now on!

As for the blog – more regular updates will be coming, but like with the running I just need to get my head around how to divide up my spare time.

Fitness update

By March 29, 2015 Fitness, Life, Running

I have been doing my best to keep up with my running schedule, and overall I think it has been going ok, but I am missing some key elements of my training like strength training sessions and the third run of the week…

I’m starting to think that I should stick to shorter miles during the week so it doesn’t take too much time, and focus on my speed, but it’s very difficult to push myself beyond my comfort zone when I’m tired after work.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some company on some of my runs the last few weeks and my gosh! I’m not sure when this happened (maybe during marathon training?) but I feel so much better when I am running with somebody opposed to running with myself (which wasn’t the case when I started running!).

I had a lovely 6 miler with Cata the other weekend and even though it felt like I was overheating to the max, it was SO NICE to be running with her again!

Sam joined me for his first run after the marathon last year out in Sweden. A very easy and breezy 7 miles, which made me realise just how hilly SE London is! No wonder Im struggling ;)

The biggest surprise was probably being asked by my old high-school friend Neil to come for a run! We managed 8 miles and he reminded me that the long runs can indeed be fun even if you’re not in the mood to run whatsoever.

Overall I would be lying if I said that I’m not struggling. I really want to improve my speed and my endurance – but annoyingly I know that both those things will only improve if I run more regularly…

Considering how shaky my life has been the last 6 weeks I think I’ve done ok, but I could be doing better! Now that I have started my new job, my main priority will be to get my head around my new schedule and try to create better habits and routines around that.

I suppose some good news are that I now work close to the RDC HQ, so Im excited about being back with the crew on a more regular basis. Not only does it mean I have one definite run a week, but it’s a run that I do with people I know will push me more than what Im capable of doing myself.

Annoyingly I missed my long run today due to some weird food poisoning / dodgy stomach situation but I’m still feeling rather positive about being able to complete the Hackney half in 5 weeks time.

On a separate note – my March challenge of drinking more water was going great until I went to Sweden. During and after the trip it quickly went downhill BUT I did feel much better during those two weeks so I’m going to try to start again and see how it goes, can’t let one little setback make me give up!

Speedy Sweden trip

By March 29, 2015 Life

On my last working day at Jazzman I had a flight to catch in the evening to head to Sweden for a few days, mainly because this little bugger was dying to go there and eat all the food he can’t have here in London.

Since it kind of ended up being our two year anniversary weekend, we figured why not treat ourselves to a nice long weekend.

We visited a childhood friend of mine who has opened a new restaurant in town called Misoteket. As the name suggests, they only serve miso soup but it is totally authentic and everything that goes in it is super fresh and lovely.

Since we initially met through running, we also managed to clock some anniversary miles – although a bit more than the years we’ve been together ;)

After the run we tried out a vegan cafe called Lotta Love Cafe, a place I was a bit sceptical of at first but WOW the brunch we had was super nice, very filling and totally worth every penny! Highly recommend it if you’re ever in Malmö!

Our visit coincided with mothers day and even though it was the UK version and not Swedish, we decided to treat my grandma and my mum to a nice home cooked meal.

We ended up making jerk chicken with rice and peas because my mum LOVED IT when we were in Jamaica, but she claimed that she didn’t know how to make it at home (we got her a lot of jerk spices and sauces for Christmas) so we figured we would treat and teach her at the same time.

The meal was a great success, I think my gran liked it more than my Christmas dinner(!!!), and it felt very nice to be able to spend some quality time with people I love.

I hope I can take some more long weekends like this one this year :)

J’Danna – Gazing

By March 29, 2015 Music, Orsi recommends


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve probably come across J’Danna before, I wrote about her performing this amazing Gil Scott-Heron tribute at Wordwide Awards a few years ago:

And I’ve mentioned this super catchy Julio Bashmore tune before that she did the vocals for as well:

Well this week J’Danna released a new FREE single called “Gazing” and it just gives me so much pleasure to share this track with you. She is a remarkable young woman and a true artist with a phenomenal voice.

It has been a pleasure to see her evolve both musically and personally, and I urge all of you to download this track and show her some love, not only does she really deserve it but it’s a great tune too!

A radio show on hold…

By March 7, 2015 Music, Radio

Hello my friends,

So I am very aware of the fact that I am almost 2 weeks late with my new FEVER radio show again.

The most annoying thing about it is that the music has been sorted for about 3 weeks now, but when I wanted to record it I realised that I can’t do it on the mac as I wanted to try out using my serato, but since it’s an SL1 and I don’t have a line-in it just doesn’t work…

Very infuriating, specially since it took me a good few hours of faffing around, connecting and reconnecting everything last weekend until I finally realised what the problem was.

So now I either try to put it together in some software, I try recording it on my PC (but in the past that has meant very very poor sound quality), or I just scrap the whole thing and do another all vinyl show (which wouldn’t be a problem, but still annoying as I spent a lot of time selecting the music for this particular show!).

Not sure what to do, but it is on it’s way. Almost get the feeling that all these obstacles before every show are a sign that I should give up on it all. BUT I REFUSE!

If anybody has any smart solutions on how to record from an SL1 to a mac that doesn’t have a line-in feel free to give me some advice!