Jazzman Records on NTS 010515

By May 19, 2015 Music, Radio

Go check out the latest instalment of the Jazzman Records show on NTS – it’s a cracking show this month :)

Im alive (despite my piss poor efforts to update you)

By May 18, 2015 Life

orsii may

Hi guys!

I know it’s been forever and a bit since I wrote anything here but I just wanted to pop in and quickly say hello before heading to bed.

It’s been an absolutely crazy 6 weeks and there has been so many things that I’ve had to get my head around that I simply haven’t had the time or head space to share anything here.

But it’s coming… I promise!

I have so many exciting things in the pipeline and there’s a million and one things I want to share with you. So please just be a little bit more patient with me and I promise it will be worth your while.

What is wrong with groovin #4

By April 30, 2015 Event, Music


See you on Saturday I hope! Free entry all night and I’ll be spinning two sets as well :)

One hour guest mix on the Jazzman Records show

By April 18, 2015 Music, Radio

Check out my guest mix that I did for the Jazzman Records radio show on NTS this month :) You can catch it in the second hour – after Jazzman Gerald crazy latin mix.

Exhausted but excited!

By March 30, 2015 Life

tired as hell

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words and I think we can all agree that I look bloody run down at the moment…

Just realised it had been around 3 weeks since I last wrote anything here on the blog, sorry! Life has been a bit upside down since I got back from Thailand 6 weeks ago.

Anyway, the reason why I have been so quiet is that I ended up with loads of work before my last day at Jazzman, then I went back home to Sweden for a few day, got back to London and had some bits and bobs to sort out (like this article on VF website, attending a very interesting day hosted by Mixcloud at Convergence, having a massive spring clean in the house aaaaaaand starting a new job…)

So yes, this week I started my new job and I’m really enjoying it but it is a lot to take in all at once. Not just work wise but also the fact that I’m not home alone anymore but in an office with people (might not sound like a big deal but it is!).

The running hasn’t been going good but it’s been ok. Officially went back to RDC this week but due to being totally exhausted every single night of the week I didn’t find the time to go out for another shortish run after work.

After going through a bit of a shitty and stressful period I feel like I’m finally starting to see the end of the tunnel and I’ve decided not to be too harsh on myself with regards to the running.

I have had my set of routines for almost 3 years now, so I need to accept the fact that it will take some time to get used to getting up earlier, going to bed later, and trying to find time to exercise a bit later or earlier in the day. I’m confident that I can do it, but I just need some time to settle in my new job, new routines, and this fresh start I now have.

Very exciting times and I can’t wait to share more info about what I’ll be working with from now on!

As for the blog – more regular updates will be coming, but like with the running I just need to get my head around how to divide up my spare time.