Mr Thing’s Boiler Room DJ set

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One of my absolute favourite DJ’s – never a dull moment when Mr Thing is doing. well, his thing haha. Was a pleasure seeing him at this Boiler Room special session – can’t wait for them to upload the other sets, including Jazzman Gerald’s!

MIX: A Jazz collaboration

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I did a little Jazz collab with a virtual mate of mine, Vlada.

He actually asked me at the end of the summer, but since all my music was in storage until recently and I was busy DIY-ing, I couldn’t really send him anything until now.

The concept was pretty simple, 10 tracks each, kicking off with a pick from me, then one from Vlada, then one from me – you get the gist!

So I hope you like it, you can find my selection below:

Vlada Jazz tracks

MIX: Best of Jazzman 2013

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It has been a super busy 2013 and I really wanted to end the year with a mix that highlighted some of my favourite releases from Jazzman Records and all its smaller labels.

So here it is!

The scary thing is that this is just a very small selection of all the great music that has been coming out this year!

If you’re enjoying what you’re hearing and you want to buy some of these great tunes just head over to the Jazzman website or check us out on Bandcamp.