Last day of the third week of training for the Berlin Half Marathon and let me tell you – this week has been the shittiest week of 2012. No joke.

Without really going into anything other than running, this week was hard as hell.

It started out with some ‘issues’ that I won’t dwell or go on about because as far as I know, everything has been talked about and resolved, but let’s just say that a situation occurred that  kind of made me very sad, disappointed and a bit upset.

On top of that, this no smoking business had resulted in pretty much insomnia. I had been getting on average about 3 hours sleep per night for roughly two weeks, which is not a lot when you need to be up by 6am the very latest every weekday morning to squeeze in either run or a bootcamp session before work.

Safe to say that the tiredness got the best of me – all I wanted to do was to cry my eyes out, dig a hole in the ground and disappear forever.

Everything was a struggle and I just couldn’t see how it was going to get any better.

After having a lovely run, and the longest one I have ever done, with Run Dem Cew on Tuesday, I went for another one on Saturday and it bloody hurt! Now don’t get me wrong, I know I am a beginner, but so far running has never really hurt in the way it hurt on Saturday. My legs, my feet, my thighs, my stomach, my back, my shoulders, everything hurt.

I wasn’t even doing my long run, “only” 3,5 miles and I felt like my body was going to fall apart. How the hell am I meant to run 13 miles if I am on my third official week of training and my body is falling apart after less than a quarter of the distance!?

I wasn’t happy but I tried not to think about it. Until I woke up this morning, on my “long run day”, and felt like my entire existence was shouting NO to running. The thought of having to go for a run was actually so upsetting that I started crying.

And before you start judging me – yes I do look horrible on that picture, yes I was silly enough to take a picture of myself looking that bad whilst crying my eyes out, BUT, how am I meant to share this journey with you all if I am not honest and show you EVERYTHING of what I am going through.

So I cried for a while, tweeted about how I didnt want to go for a run, and then decided to stop being silly and just do it because I would feel much worse about the situation if I didn’t go.

Little did I know that whilst I was crying a bit more and preparing to go out for this very much dreaded run, people were saying all kinds of encouraging and wonderful things to me on twitter:

I really wish I would have seen this before I went out, because it wasn’t really a very pretty run…

I got to 0,75 miles and started crying because I just didn’t want to be out there. I didn’t want to be running and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t even done a mile.

When I got to 1,5 miles I was cussing everybody in my head.

I was cussing myself for having met Charlie Dark and for him to have started Run Dem Crew.

I was cussing Bangs for asking me to join Team Bangs and for making me feel so passionate about the team and the girls and this achievement and for getting me into running when in fact I was probably much happier when I was fat, lazy, smoking 20 cigarettes a day and not giving a flying toss about any stupid half marathon.

I was cussing all my girls in Team Bangs for being so lovely and great people and for making me looking forward to getting up in the morning to go training and for feeling so blessed about sharing this journey with them, because it is a crap journey that is too much effort and hard work.

I was cussing every person I have met in Run Dem Crew, at the sessions or online, for being so into this stupid fucking thing called running and for being so nice and encouraging to me. I mean, who the hell owns and wears so much lycra anyway!?!

It even got to the point where I was cussing my parents for making me and my mum for giving birth to me.

Yes it really got that bad. It got to the point where I literally wished I had not been born at all.

This was where I had my second cry. I think it was around 3,75 miles when I realised how far I had left to run.

I couldn’t breathe, my legs and shoulders were hurting, and I was seriously considering running in front of a car just so I could put myself out of my misery.

But somehow I carried on.

I was thinking of Berlin, of how everything was hurting, of how I’d never be able to do 13 miles, of how Candie was right – Come race day I would be there on my own. Me and the pavement. Nobody to run for me, nobody to carry me over the finish line. Every man/woman on their own.

And during all of it, I had the little devil on my shoulder whispering in my ear:

How all this wasn’t worth it.
How I didn’t have to prove anything to anybody.
How I wasn’t “built” for running anyway.
How my life would be so much easier if I didn’t train for this stupid half marathon.
How nobody would care if I just stopped running now and not in 2,5 miles.
How it was ok to walk a little if I needed.

Every single excuse you can think of, you can believe that the little devil whispered it to me. And I listened, and I took it in, hell, I even agreed with some of it.

But I didn’t stop.

After the last excuse I turned my head to the little angel that had been hiding behind my other shoulder, smiled, and tried to run the last mile as fast as I could.

That is when I had my third cry.

Then I got home and was greeted by these wonderful words (I can’t say thank you enough to all of you – I was blown away with how amazing and supporting and encouraging you all are!):

I am going to be honest with you all – I have no idea why I didn’t stop. It would have been so easy and nobody was there with me so nobody would have known anyway.

Maybe it was pride, maybe it was because I was determined not to, maybe it was just luck – I don’t know.

But what I do know is that I am ultimately doing this because I want to be able to wake up every morning and be the best person I can be.

And I know that sounds cheesey, and a bit ‘self-help’/motivational coach bull-shit talk, but it is the truth.

That is the goal and I need to remember that, especially on the bad days and weeks.

Why? Because you need the bad to appreciate the good.

And people can take the piss and people can laugh, but I know that I will come out of this as a better person.

It’s not easy, and this week definitely was a reality check compared to the two previous weeks when I started to think that it might be a piece of cake to run 13 miles after all. It has grounded me, made me think and definitely made me appreciate rest days!

So much love and respect to all of you who are going through this journey as well.

And much love and thank yous to all of you who have been encouraging me to go out there and smash it. Words are not enough for me to express how much I appreciate and value your support.

Wow, what a weird week! I am emotionally, mentally and physically drained! Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day!

Not that I will have time to rest… I got a massive university assignment (a business plan for a new music enterprise) that I have to hand in on Monday at 3pm and I still have to finish it! 6500 words in total and it will be 70% of my grade for this semesters module. But I am trying not to think about it in those ‘harsh’ terms and just get the work done in time.

I feel like Ive gone slightly mad these past 8 days (and I mean more than usual!). It has been a constant struggle with my mind playing tricks on me and Ive been bouncing between being so incredibly happy to just crying my eyes out.

Work is crazy busy at the moment, and university too. Plus a million other things on my mind and I haven’t been able to sleep properly either *sigh*

This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sorry!

I’m too emotional, I blame the running and no fags policy. I mean, damn, all I have to do is just LOOK AT the name @rundemcrew in my twitter feed and my eyes fill up with tears.

There are so many inspiring people I want to talk about and introduce you to here on the blog!

Some of them I don’t even know that well but they have already made my life better, and once I am done with all the uni stuff I will sit down and tell you all about how amazing these people are *refuses to start crying*.

But for now, I am going to get some well needed sleep, then do the last push on this MA assignment.

Sweet dreams!

Hello my friends!

Happy 2012 – I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years Eve! Sorry for the silence and lack of updates but it all became too hectic before Christmas and when I got home to Sweden I decided to take a step back and have as much “internet & computer free” time as possible.

But now I am back in full force and ready to rock 2012!

So what’s on the agenda? Well…

  1. I’ve quit smoking. Yeah you heard me! Today is my 4th day without a cigarette and I feel like punching myself in the face. But! Apparently those little death sticks are bad for you. They make you smell horrible, they are bad for your health, they will make you look ugly not cool, and somebody told me that they can even give you cancer. So here I am, trying not to think about how amazing they are with coffee, after some food, with a nice glass of wine and so on.
  2. I am running a goddamn half marathon in Berlin on the 1st of April. Today I ran my first ever 10K with the fantastic Rachel. We did it in 71 minutes without stopping. I wanted to give up after 2 miles, apparently so did she, but we set us the challenge without really believing we would be able to go through with it and we did it. Below is my training schedule for the next 12 weeks. It is pretty insane. I am not looking forward to getting up at stupid o’clock so I can run at 7am twice a week and then going on these hardcore bootcamp sessions at 8am twice a week. But hey, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do and I am determined to kick ass!

  3. And then there’s some other work related stuff going on, and music stuff, and let’s not forget this frickin MA that I am doing. It seems like it is all going down in 2012. I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… Will expand on the work and music related things when I am allowed to I promise.

I guess that’s about it for now. But stay tuned because that list is going to get a whole lotta bigger when I am allowed to open my mouth and start talking about all the other exciting stuff!