Hello my friends!

Happy 2012 – I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years Eve! Sorry for the silence and lack of updates but it all became too hectic before Christmas and when I got home to Sweden I decided to take a step back and have as much “internet & computer free” time as possible.

But now I am back in full force and ready to rock 2012!

So what’s on the agenda? Well…

  1. I’ve quit smoking. Yeah you heard me! Today is my 4th day without a cigarette and I feel like punching myself in the face. But! Apparently those little death sticks are bad for you. They make you smell horrible, they are bad for your health, they will make you look ugly not cool, and somebody told me that they can even give you cancer. So here I am, trying not to think about how amazing they are with coffee, after some food, with a nice glass of wine and so on.
  2. I am running a goddamn half marathon in Berlin on the 1st of April. Today I ran my first ever 10K with the fantastic Rachel. We did it in 71 minutes without stopping. I wanted to give up after 2 miles, apparently so did she, but we set us the challenge without really believing we would be able to go through with it and we did it. Below is my training schedule for the next 12 weeks. It is pretty insane. I am not looking forward to getting up at stupid o’clock so I can run at 7am twice a week and then going on these hardcore bootcamp sessions at 8am twice a week. But hey, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do and I am determined to kick ass!

  3. And then there’s some other work related stuff going on, and music stuff, and let’s not forget this frickin MA that I am doing. It seems like it is all going down in 2012. I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… Will expand on the work and music related things when I am allowed to I promise.

I guess that’s about it for now. But stay tuned because that list is going to get a whole lotta bigger when I am allowed to open my mouth and start talking about all the other exciting stuff!

Hello my friends!

Trying to look & feel badass before my first ever attempt to run 4 miles ON MY OWN! Im scared and my thighs hurt like crazy, but fingers crossed I can do more than a mile – that’s all I managed to do a week ago today on my own… Let’s go!


So I only managed to do 3 miles in 40 minutes. Not very happy with myself but hey, at least I went out and tried my best. Did the run in Crystal Palace park, my first ever time there so wasn’t quite sure what to expect! It was pretty damn hilly on some places and my thighs started aching as soon as I started running. Not ideal and during the first mile I really considered giving up. But then I started to imagine my team bangs girls cheering me on in my head and just as I hit the 2nd mile I came to this beautiful open space with pebbles on the ground, massive archers that apparently are remains from the old palace, green grass on both sides of the massive path and the sun shining straight at me. Luckily this amazing remix of a  Wiley song came on and I just felt invincible!

I ran up the hill, down the hill, round the corners and just as I hit 3 miles my phone rang and fucked up the mental state I had worked up in my head to be able to carry on running for another mile despite my legs feeling like they were gonna collapse underneath me. I won’t lie, I felt like punching the person who had called me in the face, but then calmed down and decided to head home since it was getting a bit darker.

I guess 3 miles on my own isn’t too bad… Slightly enjoyed I didn’t do 4 but tomorrow is a new day and if my legs don’t kill me I will probably give it another go!

Evening boys & girls!

I stumbled through the door 10 minutes ago, got changed into my running gear, having a quick cuppa, then heading out to do my first ever attempt to run 4 miles with the oh-so-lovely Dani. It’s been a goddamn shitty day, so hopefully I won’t die or break a leg, and fingers crossed Dani will go easy on me. Will update post-run so we can see how it panned out. Wish me good luck!


I DID IT!!!!!!! Despite a shitty day, a painful & bloated stomach, getting lost on my way to see Dani, the rain and the wind I managed to run 4.16 miles in 56 minutes and 34 seconds (I reckon it was 54 minutes with all the faffing around before we started running but you know…) There were no stops, no walking, just RUNNING FOR ALMOST AN HOUR!!! It might sound like nothing to more experienced runners, but for me, who did 1.16 miles 5 days ago and almost died I think it’s a massive improvement, never thought I would be able to do it, and now I am super proud and happy! Massive thanks to Dani & her sweet sweet booty in front of me that kept me motivated when I thought my legs would turn into spaghetti! Now I need to stretch a little then it’s bedtime. Sweet dreams!!!