Hackney Half Marathon 2019

After the Big Half I took the silly decision of signing myself up for another half marathon the weekend before my best friends wedding.

I thought this would motivate me to keep training and stay fit ahead of the wedding but it didn’t quite turn out that way…

Due to the lack of hard training all hopes of maybe achieving a PB were out the window and I just secretly prayed that I’d be able to complete the race without any major difficulties.

Despite smiling on all the pictures I was in incredible pain. For the first time in my ‘running life’ I managed to develop a HUGE blister in the middle of my sole of my left foot after around 10km.

In the beginning I could cope with the pain but after around mile 11 I felt like crying every time I put my foot down.

I could feel the water inside the blister being pushed around every time I stepped down and I was forced to stop quite a few times after mile 9 to adjust my socks and my show laces to some how change the position of my foot slightly.

Despite this I made it to the finish (sprinting!) and managed to get my now quite standard time of 2h:15min which I was pretty pleased with considering the circumstances.

The Big Half Marathon

I seem to have this habit of trying to convince people who have never done it to run a half marathon with me. Appreciate that it might sound like a very cruel thing to do to somebody you like, but considering what an amazing impact running my first half had on me, I really want more people to feel that feeling and know just how amazing they are.

This time around I managed to convince my poor friend Carla to run with me and it just so happened that on the day of the race, we had the lovely storm Gareth come into affect which made for an interesting (read: incredibly windy) run.

Despite consistent training, I can honestly say that I sadly did THE WORST pre-race preparation for this half… I didn’t hydrate properly the days beforehand, I didn’t eat for more than 14 hours before the run, I had a DJ gig until 3am in the morning, I drank quite a lot of beer the night before and I had 3 hours sleep – not ideal circumstances to say the least!

But despite all of that we made it!! It took us 2 hours and 16 minutes, pretty sure Carla could have done it quicker but I was dragging her down and I couldn’t be prouder of her! Now I can’t wait for our next one ;)