Hello my friends!

I know, it’s been pretty dead in here lately… BUT the main reasons for that have been that I managed to get 2 very bad colds in October that knocked me straight out for a total of 3½ weeks and then the first two weeks of November I spent most of my days doing this:

Orsii Jamaica

at mind blowing tropical places like this:

Runaway Bay, Jamaica

in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.

I have loads of pictures to share, but I’m still waiting on my mum to send some over.

In the mean time, what’s the deal with it getting dark at like 4pm!? Any why so much rain ey? Feels like my lovely tan started to fade as soon as I stepped off the plane.

It’s weird to think that it’s almost Christmas! Been back for about 4 days but still finding it a bit difficult to adjust back to normal life and normal sleeping pattens.

I can however confirm that taking a holiday in November was the best idea ever and I’m giving myself a pat on the back for having another warm holiday coming up in the beginning of February next year.

Never before did I imagine that lots of sun and warmth could make so much difference to the way I feel, but it really does wonders!

Anyway, there’s lots of stuff happening before I head off to Sweden in December and I have lots exciting things to share with you, so stay tuned!

9 years and two days ago I started this blog in order to have a space online where I could share my life with all my friends and family in an easy and accessible way.

9 years ago today I stepped off a plane with Cata and my mum, and moved into this shoebox of a room above in a place that very much resembled a prison/mental hospital just off Caledonian Road in North London.

During these 9 years I have…

Moved 10 times (11 if you count moving country)
Purchased 1 flat
Been awarded 2 degrees
Had 7 jobs
Been made redundant once
Had 9 boyfriends that lasted more than 3 months
3 of those I ended up living with
I have visited about 17 places in the UK (18 if you count Scotland)
And I have been to 17 countries around the world on 4 different continents
I have attended 2 weddings and 1 funeral
I have had 1 close friend getting engaged
And 1 good friend has had a baby
I have probably had around 5-6 breakdowns (give or take)
But most likely had double the triumphs
I have produced and hosted around 85 radio shows on 3 radio stations
Put together around 65 mixes for various purposes
I have completed 7 10Ks, 7 half marathons and 1 full marathon
Joined a gym 3 times but only really meant it once
Had my wallet stolen twice but only lost my keys once
I have blogged at 3-4 other places apart from my own blog
Changed the name of this blog once and the appearance 3 times
Thought about giving up blogging about twice but I could never do it

Overall it has been quite eventful and I should probably throw some sort of party next year when the blog and I celebrate 10 years in London!