Orsii being super ill

This was me on Boxing day – verging on 40 degrees fever and having a crying fit because I was feeling so unwell and missed out on seeing some of my best friends.

Not going to lie, this last month hasn’t been the best for me health wise, which is the main reason why you haven’t seen more updates.

It started with an irritated throat, that turned into a nasty cough, that then pretended to go away for a few days, only to come back with full vengeance as some sort of freakish virus that I still haven’t been able to shake off.

Kind of messed up my Xmas and NYE celebrations but I’m FINALLY starting to feel well enough to work, go outside and do other normal everyday things without either getting a coughing fit or feeling like I’m going to faint.

Hope you all had a nice holiday season and a fantastic New Year – here’s to 2015! <3

Hello my friends!

By some strange miracle I managed to survive last week as well :)

Cata got back from Amsterdam late Thursday evening and we had some nice food and bubbly to celebrate her return.

Friday was her birthday and we spent the morning and half of the afternoon together – apart from a few hours in the middle when she had to go out and take care of some business and the moving company came to pick up her things (to move them over to the dam).

My new glasses arrived (yay!) and after work I went in to central London to pick up some christmas gifts and have dinner with Sam.

Then Saturday arrived and we had two important birthdays to attend! First up was my friend Candie’s daughters first birthday and we had bought her a #pinkpositive present in the shape of a pink fake fur (as you do haha).

Esme turns one

Not sure if the big smile on my face gives it away, but we loved every second of that party and felt very grateful to be invited to share such a special occasion with close family and friends. And as you can see below, Miss E really does pull off the pink fur like no other one year old!! <3

Once we’ve literally eaten half the food and drunk half the wine (Im sorry C but we couldn’t help it! The food was simply amazing!) we rushed off to catch a train out of the depths of South London to attends Cata’s birthday drinks.

Cata and Orsi at Cata's 28th bday!

At a fully packed pub close to London Bridge we carried on drinking and caught up with friends that we hadn’t seen in a while, including Dave and Adri who we really should see more often (!!)

Dave & Adri at Cata's 28th bday

And we carried on drinking and chatting until they threw us out and we wondered off into the night to some obscure cocktail place in a basement close to Tower Bridge.

Orsi and Sam at Catas 28th Bday

And I’m not sure what happened after (apart from having one weird cocktail & discussing playing the saxophone with Cata’s friend Ed) but at some point we left because Cata was convinced there was a train at 01:06am (there wasn’t…) so we got a cab and realised we didn’t have enough cash…

Cata was not feeling her best so we dropped her and Dave off at home, went to the station to take out more money, then went to the chicken shop to grab some food (bad idea!) and I got pissed off because Sam didn’t want to eat his chips walking home (don’t ask me why…).

All in all a great day and I was very surprised that my hangover wasn’t *that bad* when I woke up – and what a great Sunday it turned out to be as well!

Decorating the tree!
We had a nice brunch/lunch and then brought up all the Christmas decorations and our little Christmas tree! The boys went to the shop and got us all some mulled wine and nibbles, and once the decorations were all up, we cuddled up  on the sofa, had the warm mulled wine and watched the second Hobbit film.

Christmas tree 2014
Then Cata and Dave had to leave to get back to Amsterdam and Didcot, and once it became dark we lit some candles, I prepared a roast dinner and Sam put up our pictures on the wall (we had to rearrange them because our new windows are so good they are creating a lot of condensation on our outside walls).

Pictures up on the wall!
It really was a fantastic weekend and a lovely first advent. Sadly no time for radio though and I’m struggling to see where I could squeeze in some time for it, but something will give one way or another Im sure.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Trying out new glasses

Well I really should sort out the two FEVER radio shows that Im very much behind with due to two sets of flu in October and a two week trip to Jamaica…!!!

But that equals almost 4 hours of music, which is about 10 hours worth of work for me at least, and im not sure where to find those 10 spare hours, but Im working on it…!

Even though I started the week with great optimism, it has turned into another crazy one on the work front (won’t bore you with details but MY GOD!) and if that wasn’t enough, I had 3 mini crisis to deal with today that have left me totally drained.

It’s also my best friend Cata’s birthday this week, which means she will be coming back to visit (yaaaay!) but it also means I want to spend time with her and not work late (which is a conflict of interest in my head and heart).

So that, coupled with another birthday party on Saturday day-time, and Christmas decorating the flat Sunday – I feel like I might be stretching myself a bit thin…

But I keep telling myself it will be alright, so I will try to take it one day at the time and hopefully I will be able to keep my head above water all week!

(Rant over – what you think of the glasses?)