9 years and two days ago I started this blog in order to have a space online where I could share my life with all my friends and family in an easy and accessible way.

9 years ago today I stepped off a plane with Cata and my mum, and moved into this shoebox of a room above in a place that very much resembled a prison/mental hospital just off Caledonian Road in North London.

During these 9 years I have…

Moved 10 times (11 if you count moving country)
Purchased 1 flat
Been awarded 2 degrees
Had 7 jobs
Been made redundant once
Had 9 boyfriends that lasted more than 3 months
3 of those I ended up living with
I have visited about 17 places in the UK (18 if you count Scotland)
And I have been to 17 countries around the world on 4 different continents
I have attended 2 weddings and 1 funeral
I have had 1 close friend getting engaged
And 1 good friend has had a baby
I have probably had around 5-6 breakdowns (give or take)
But most likely had double the triumphs
I have produced and hosted around 85 radio shows on 3 radio stations
Put together around 65 mixes for various purposes
I have completed 7 10Ks, 7 half marathons and 1 full marathon
Joined a gym 3 times but only really meant it once
Had my wallet stolen twice but only lost my keys once
I have blogged at 3-4 other places apart from my own blog
Changed the name of this blog once and the appearance 3 times
Thought about giving up blogging about twice but I could never do it

Overall it has been quite eventful and I should probably throw some sort of party next year when the blog and I celebrate 10 years in London!


  • Happy blogiversary! I’m amazed that you’ve only changed the look of your blog three times and that you’ve only thought about giving up blogging twice in 9 years. I change the look of mine every few months and I think about deleting the whole thing just as frequently :)

    September 24, 2014