I Do Not Run

“Run Dem Crew is a 200 person strong collective of creatives with a passion for running and exchanging ideas. I Do Not Run attempts to capture the spirit of one of the most influential crews in the global urban running movement. The film documents a 12 month period as Run Dem Crew prepare to race the London and San Francisco marathons.”

Run Dem Crew presents I Do Not Run is a film by my very talented, funny, smart and totally drop dead gorgeous running friend Lina Caicedo.

Safe to say that if it wasn’t for these people and this amazing movement, I would probably not be boring you to death with loads of pictures and posts about training for my first ever marathon at the moment.

Actually, to be fair, I probably wouldn’t be running at all if it wasn’t for Charlie Dark, Bangs and the love, help and support from RDC & our global friends!

Big up Lina and everybody else involved in making this short film about Run Dem happen. It brought a lot of happy tears to my eyes.

If you want to see what Run Dem is all about, why not join us at MILE 21 this Sunday as we cheer people on at the London Marathon!

We will be standing on both sides of the road from about 9:30am by

Docklands Tyres & Exhausts
767 Commercial Rd
London, E14 7HG

The nearest tube is Mile End or Limehouse on the DLR – I would recommend you to walk from Limehouse as its much quicker!

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