After finishing WEEK 8 with a half marathon, I couldn’t believe it when I realised I was kicking off WEEK 9 by leisurely running 7 miles!

training week 9 - 1

I felt tired but determined and running at night was a welcomed change to the sun & heat that I experienced on the weekend running the half. All in all it was a pretty decent effort on my side.

training week 9 - 2

I had swapped my medium long run with my Tuesday shorter run, but despite running around 21 miles in 3 days, I ended up doing a speedy 4 miles and if I am honest, I have no idea how I had the energy to push myself to do it! To my great surprise it felt relatively good and I was mighty proud of myself.

training week 9 - 3

On Thursday I wasn’t in the mood to run despite the relatively short distance. I felt very sluggish whilst running it, with my legs tired and my mind a bit foggy. Did it at an ok pace but wasn’t very satisfying! (my pissed off look proves the point haha)

training week 9 - 4

Went swimming as normal on Saturday morning and on Sunday I was only meant to run 10 miles, but I somehow agreed to running 14 miles with Cata instead. It was a super sunny day, much warmer than the half marathon the previous week, but also a lot breezier which was nice!

Started out ok and felt good plus kept a good pace until about 11 miles in – that’s when I started to overheat and kind of lose my grip of the situation. Incredibly frustrating and something that is starting to worry me more & more.

Thankfully we stopped at ASDA at mile 11 so I could buy more water and drink it plus pour it over my head and face. Not sure how to cope with the situation on race day if it’s super warm. I guess try to hydrate as much as possible, but even then, the sun just heats my head up so much I feel a bit delirious and out of it.

Any suggestions on how to avoid an overheated head/face?

The weather for this week looks a bit grimmer and this is what I have planned:


MON: REST – Done
TUE: Strength training & 4 miles – Done
WED: 7 miles – Done
THU: Strength training & 3 miles – Not done due to badly twisting my ankle previous night
FRI: REST – Done
SAT: 15 miles – Done
SUN: Swimming – Not done but did around 4-5 miles walking instead

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