[Photo bomb] two days and twenty hours until Berlin Half Marathon #rdcbridgethegap

Hello my friends!

So in less than three days I will be running the Berlin Half Marathon! This has definitely been one of the biggest and most interesting, exhausting, amazing and difficult experiences and journeys of my life!

You can listen to my latest Little Miss Sunshiine show where I talk about all the ups and downs from the past 12 weeks that have all eventually paved the way to this one big day/weekend.

Before I jet off to Berlin though I wanted to share some last minute pictures that includes my first ever 10.5 miles that I ran on my own, essential running fuel for the body, my feel-good outfits, random silliness, early mornings, spring & sunshine and so on.

You can all expect a full and very emotional review when I am back.

Or basically, when I am in Sweden, since I will be jetting straight there after Berlin.

Sorry, I am finding it difficult to find the right words to express how excited and scared I am.

But I can’t wait to DO DA TING with our outernational crews from NYC, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and to FINALLY get to meet certain people and (hopefully) have one of the most amazing and memorable weekends of my life!

So wish me good luck and see you on the other side!


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