[Photo bomb] I’ve been slack but Im almost back!


Yes it has been absolutely mental on this end for the past 10 days! I have been desperately trying to catch up with life post-flu madness and honestly speaking, I got fed up with being locked up in the flat on my own and just training & working all the time with no social life what so ever.

I promise a longer post will come this weekend because I do have a lot to talk about!

But I figured I could share some pictures from the past 7-10 days in the mean time to keep you entertained and to show that I haven’t forgotten about you all!

Sending lots of loving!

I got a package filled with love and food from my Mama <3

Drinking wine & gossiping with my BFF Cata

Falling asleep at a disco for 3½ hours & waking up with a big "I AM OK" tattoo

Going for a 8.5 mile 'Hangover Run' by the canal

Soaking up the sun with my little Tiger Rhalou <3

Eating healthy & yummy food

Getting up & training HARD at stupid o'clock in the morning

Getting my face done for a photo shoot

Best.Day.Ever. hanging out with my inspirational & gorgeous mentors Bangs & Candice

Getting my hair did-done for the photo shoot

Looking a bit like a tired 80s tranny with my hair down

Hanging in there, training HARD & with style


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