Running Session two #teambangsontherun

Evening boys & girls!

I stumbled through the door 10 minutes ago, got changed into my running gear, having a quick cuppa, then heading out to do my first ever attempt to run 4 miles with the oh-so-lovely Dani. It’s been a goddamn shitty day, so hopefully I won’t die or break a leg, and fingers crossed Dani will go easy on me. Will update post-run so we can see how it panned out. Wish me good luck!


I DID IT!!!!!!! Despite a shitty day, a painful & bloated stomach, getting lost on my way to see Dani, the rain and the wind I managed to run 4.16 miles in 56 minutes and 34 seconds (I reckon it was 54 minutes with all the faffing around before we started running but you know…) There were no stops, no walking, just RUNNING FOR ALMOST AN HOUR!!! It might sound like nothing to more experienced runners, but for me, who did 1.16 miles 5 days ago and almost died I think it’s a massive improvement, never thought I would be able to do it, and now I am super proud and happy! Massive thanks to Dani & her sweet sweet booty in front of me that kept me motivated when I thought my legs would turn into spaghetti! Now I need to stretch a little then it’s bedtime. Sweet dreams!!!

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