Running Session one #teambangsontherun

Afternoon my friends!

As you know I was incredibly ill last week and I foolishly thought that I had recovered, which I have – but maybe not as much as I would have hoped.

Either way, with the thoughts of this silly half marathon in mind and massive guilt plus panic over not having started my training yet, I decided to go for a run today. The weather in London is beautiful and I was very much looking forward to hitting the pavement with my gorgeous new running shoes.

Dressed in my running gear and ready to run!

Sadly, this run didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to. As soon as I had run about 0.25 miles the snot just started pouring out of my nose (I know, not a very good look!!). I didn’t have any tissues on me, so I tried to sniff it up as much as I humanly could.

Annoyingly, this resulted in my entire nose being so blocked up that I could hardly breathe. After about 0.75 miles it started venturing down in my throat, so it became more and more difficult to breathe and it just felt like my entire head was clogged up with snot. I tried to push on, but as soon as I got to a bit over a mile, the snot won. I walked for a little while, hoping my body would absorb it all, but sadly it didn’t.

Safe to say I wasn’t too happy about this at all. But I figured that a little bit of running is better than no running at all. Plus, considering how hilly my neighbourhood is (as in – we got a lot of hills!) I did manage to work up a bit of a sweat running up and down and up the hills.

Sweaty & snotty - BAD COMBO!

Official training with the girls starts in January, so I have until then to make sure I can run about 3-4 miles with ease. I guess it’s all about taking it one mile at the time for now. I am pretty confident that I can manage that, as long as the snot & the illness stops cramping my running style. Fingers crossed that I’m right!

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