A life changing adventure

Right! So I know I have been going on about this life changing project and adventure that I’ve signed up for without really telling you what it’s all about.

Well – today is the day that I am FINALLY allowed to tell you!!


Yes that statement deserved BIG letters and it deserves a repetition…

I am running the goddamn Berlin half marathon in April 2012 aaaaaaand I am doing it with these amazing ladies:


You might think that I’ve lost my mind by signing up for this and I think that’s a very valid opinion to have. Even I question my decision to do this from time to time.

Because I hate running. There I said it. I really hate running. With a passion.

So why on earth would I agree on doing this then?
For many reasons to be honest but the main two are…

First of all, I think my hate for running is a small glitch in my system, because I think it’s an exercise form that would really suite me. I just don’t know how to run and I can’t motivate myself to do it. That’s where my lovely team of fabulous girls come in to the picture. We are here to motivate and support each other, as well as having some fun.

Secondly, I know that I will need a lot of determination and motivation, I will need to stay focused, be able to follow a very strict training schedule and so on. My mind will probably try every trick in the book to fool me into thinking that I can’t do it and that my body can’t handle it and I will have to be able to turn it all off and just run. These are all skills and mindsets that can be applied to different areas of my life – so my thinking is:

If I can do this, I can do ANYTHING!

So you can expect a lot of running tweets & blog posts from me from now on… But hopefully you are all just  as excited as me!! I know some people will laugh at this and think I can’t do it (like my boss or my mum…shame on you!) but I am determined to prove all nay-sayers wrong.

Bring on April!

6 thoughts on “A life changing adventure

  1. Carlos

    Congrats Orsi! That’s exciting! Great reasoning too. Learning how to run properly, being able to shut off your brain and just go for it. I feel like I could use those same skills. That said, my knees are abnormal and hurt terribly after running any longer than 15 minutes.

    All the best to you and the ladies in the run though! Looking forward to updates!

  2. Stine

    I’m doing the Berlin Half too.
    By the time April arrive, we will be rocking it. You can do anything you set your mind to. I used to hate running too, until I started doing it properly and wholeheartedly. Now I love it. And you’re very lucky to be a part of Team bangs on the Run. :)

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