I am heading over to Brussels for the first time ever in my life to attend this event called RELEASE. It’s gonna be a great night with fantastic vibes and amazing people, all there to support independent music & checking out new talents and bedroom producers from Belgium and neighbouring countries. The event is being held by Onda Sonora and you can find all the information you need over at the RELEASE WEBSITE . I am making my way there all the way from London to show my love and support, so if you live in Brussels, or anywhere near Brussels, and you DON’T attend, I will be very disappointed! It is a must-go party if you are a fan and supporter of independent music & artists! So much love to you all and I expect to see my Belgian crew on the 3rd October at the RELEASE party, representing good music and spreading the love! x

France was amazing, AMAZING! Dont think I’ve ever had that much fun in my life! I got back yesterday and Im completely shattered! But it was worth every second of it. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I dont want to be back in rainy London. Take me back to the sunshine and the beach and the great music!

I will have a very long weekend this week too. Ben is DJ-ing at motherbar 333 on Friday, then Christian is coming down on Saturday so we are going record shopping during the day then on to Alex and Simbads night at the Westbury, then its RISE festival with Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings plus other good artists on Sunday, then of course, DEATH JAZZ on Monday. Wohoo!

But for now, time to shower, get dressed, and head off to work in this horrible weather. Boo London and the rain! Wheres the summer man!? Give me some bloody sunshine!

So yesterday was crazy but fucking AMAZING! Got to meet so many new and cool people. Its me and Ben on the picture. More will come, Im just too hungover and hot to be bothered. BREAKESTRA TONIGHT! Cant wait, they are sick! Bisou ;)