Speedy Sweden trip

On my last working day at Jazzman I had a flight to catch in the evening to head to Sweden for a few days, mainly because this little bugger was dying to go there and eat all the food he can’t have here in London.

Since it kind of ended up being our two year anniversary weekend, we figured why not treat ourselves to a nice long weekend.

We visited a childhood friend of mine who has opened a new restaurant in town called Misoteket. As the name suggests, they only serve miso soup but it is totally authentic and everything that goes in it is super fresh and lovely.

Since we initially met through running, we also managed to clock some anniversary miles – although a bit more than the years we’ve been together ;)

After the run we tried out a vegan cafe called Lotta Love Cafe, a place I was a bit sceptical of at first but WOW the brunch we had was super nice, very filling and totally worth every penny! Highly recommend it if you’re ever in Malmö!

Our visit coincided with mothers day and even though it was the UK version and not Swedish, we decided to treat my grandma and my mum to a nice home cooked meal.

We ended up making jerk chicken with rice and peas because my mum LOVED IT when we were in Jamaica, but she claimed that she didn’t know how to make it at home (we got her a lot of jerk spices and sauces for Christmas) so we figured we would treat and teach her at the same time.

The meal was a great success, I think my gran liked it more than my Christmas dinner(!!!), and it felt very nice to be able to spend some quality time with people I love.

I hope I can take some more long weekends like this one this year :)

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