It’s been over a week since we ran the Paris Marathon and I’m still not sure how or what to write about the race. It’s all a bit of a blur to be honest with you, but it was definitely one of the best but hardest experiences of my life!

Nothing went according to plan for this marathon… From my ankle injury that disrupted my training to the extreme heat that messed up my race strategy – it genuinely felt like my whole journey to run Paris was an uphill battle filled with obstacles.

As you can imagine, running 26.2 miles is hard, but running 26.2 miles in 25 degrees and sunshine is even harder, and the heat was definitely the most difficult part for me to cope with due to my “overheating issues”.

Despite running in every bit of shade I could find, hydrating at every water station, pouring water over my head and arms, trying to keep a slow and steady pace, and having my own cheering duo following me around the course, I remember passing the 10K mark, smiling to myself and thinking “Oh shit Orsi, you are so incredibly fucked!!”

But luckily for me, I had the best race partner who encouraged me to keep on going when I thought that I couldn’t and together we managed to get through it all with a big smile on our faces. It wasn’t pretty at times and it definitely wasn’t fast, but we started and crossed the finish line hand in hand and I couldn’t be prouder of our accomplishment.

It took me 5 hours and 19 minutes to complete the Paris Marathon and even though it was almost one hour slower than my London Marathon time, I remember passing the 37K mark feeling so incredibly proud that despite not being able to walk properly four months earlier, I was now running a marathon and the running wasn’t even the hardest part of it all!

For a person who hates running, feeling and thinking like that was an incredible confidence boost and all I can think about since is: “So when are we running the next one?!”

Thank god this awful year is over, it’s been a rollercoaster to say the least!

The year started with 2 bad heartbreaks and then continued to worsen as I I lost my job, lost all my own savings and ended up on crutches just before Christmas.

But I also had some ✨amazing✨ times!

My best friend got married, I ran a marathon, I travelled loads and most importantly, I had an abundance of love & proper belly laughs. Here’s a quick recap…

JANUARY- New beginnings & lots of running


FEBRUARY – Paris trip & friends visiting


MARCH – Wedding dress hunting & AW laughs


APRIL – London marathon & hen weekend


MAY – BFF’s wedding & more running


JUNE – BBQ’s & midsummer


JULY – Italian wedding & Swedish summer


AUGUST – Turning 30 & Spanish sun


SEPTEMBER – Italy, Italy, Italy


OCTOBER – Reunited friends & DIY


NOVEMBER – Budapest & DJing


DECEMBER – Ugly sweaters & family

I feel extremely grateful for the good times that I had and for the stronger person I have become because of all the shit 2016 brought, but equally, I can’t wait to put this year behind me!

Before Cata got married I was in charge of planning her hen party – or in Cata’s case – her hen long-weekend.
And what better place to go if you want to have fun for cheap in a beautiful city than Budapest! It has the perfect combination of nice spas, lovely food and cheap nightlife, I can highly recommend it!

We agreed not to share any pictures from the weekend publicly, but here are a very selected few snaps were we look  relatively respectable – all taken from the disposable cameras that I got for the trip.