I know it’s been over a week since it all happened but WOW!
What an amazing experience.

Copenhagen Marathon Medal
Me with my Copenhagen Marathon Medal

I’m very pleased to say that at 9:42am on Sunday the 18th of May 2014 I set off to run my first ever marathon.

I made it!
Me being a silly face as always

4 hours and 53 minutes later I completed it.

I still can’t quite believe that I did it and if it wasn’t for the picture proof, my medal and my very aching legs, I would have bet all my money on the fact that it was all just a crazy dream.

Shirt prepping
Custom shirt making the night before the race

As some of you know, due to my poor knees I couldn’t stick to my original training schedule because my knees just couldn’t cope with the amount of miles that I was having to run. This meant that during the last 4½ weeks before the marathon I was only running about 1-2 times a week for an average of 5 miles per run.

So safe to say I was a bit nervous about running 26.2 miles when I could barely get through 5…

kit layout
Obligatory kit layout the night before the race

Due to having my final MA deadline 1½ day before the marathon, I was going on about 3 hours of sleep per night the week leading up to the race – not the ideal amount of rest before running such a distance.

As a result, I had other things on my mind than worrying about how I was going to run this damn marathon.

However, I had come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to run it as fast as me and Cata had trained to do it, and I had accepted the fact that it would be an extremely painful affair due to my knee injury.

The Dream Team
The dream team before the race started

Come race day I was super excited and very nervous. I was determined to finish the race no matter what, even if it meant I would have to crawl it or complete it in 6 hours.

I knew that I would have to take it relatively easy to postpone my knee pains as much as possible, so I decided to try to enjoy every single second of the race, even the potential bad and painful parts.

Pre race selfie
Pre-race dream team selfie

We set off as a group but Sam went ahead after we crossed the start line as his pace was much faster than ours. I was hoping I would be able to keep up with Cata for at least half the race but she started speeding up at around 2km and I was too scared to do the same due to my knees, which meant we all ended up running most of the race on our own.

Sam at 14KM
Sam at 14KM

It was a cloudy but warm day, perfect for running but still slightly too warm for me due to my overheating problems.

Cata had planned out a fuelling strategy for the two of us , and I was keen on following it and making sure I drank and ate at every water station in order to avoid hitting the wall and overheating.

Cata at 14km
Cata at 14KM

At the first station I made the mistake of trying to run and drink at the same time, which resulted in most of the water ending up on my t-shirt instead of my mouth. So in the spirit of just taking it easy and enjoying the race, I made a deal with myself to walk through all upcoming water stations but NOT TO STOP or walk at any other point during the race.

Orsii at 14KM
Me at 14KM after kissing my mum

I knew that NBRO had set up a cheering point around 12KM & 37KM into the race, and that our parents stood somewhere in the city close to the start and finish – this really helped breaking up the long and lonesome journey into smaller manageable chunks.

As I made my way through the first loop around Parken, seeing all the little NBRO signs leading up to 12KM gave me goosebumps all over my body and a big lump in my throat.

Running through the NBRO cheering zone put me on a natural high and the hug from Nanna brought tears to my eyes – It also made me super eager to get to 14Km and to hug my mum!

Sam 41KM
Sam at 41KM

Shortly after seeing my mum and the others parents I started to feel my knees and the sun was slowly but surely starting to overheat me – despite only shining through the clouds.

I kept telling myself that all I needed to do was to make it to the half point. Once there I would I would be able to eat, drink and take some pain-killers.

Sam at 41KM - 2
Sam spotting Dave at 41KM

But the closer to 13.1 miles I got, the warmer I was getting – to the point where I was starting to feel very dizzy and sick to my stomach.

With nobody else by my side to distract me, I looked up to the sky and started talking to my grandfather who passed away last October.

Cata at 41KM
Cata spotting Dave at 41KM

I told him how sad I was about not being able to make it back in time to say goodbye despite my best intentions, how Gatwick will always remind me of that super weird night when he passed away and I was stuck at the airport.

How I did my best with this MA project and that I hoped he was proud of me even though he probably didn’t understand what it was all about. I told him that I knew I had it in me to run this marathon but that I needed his help to get me through this second part of the race.

A few moments after I said that in my head, my shuffle started playing a really good song and it started raining!

Cata 41KM 2
Cata looking overwhelmed at 41KM

I have never enjoyed rain as much as during those 2 miles that brought me to the half point in the race. I took my pain killers at the closest water station and decided to slow down my pace a little to spare my knees.

Orsii 41km
Me and my mum at 41KM

The following 5-6 miles were probably some the most challenging ones I have ever run in my entire life.

My knees were starting to hurt more and more, I had a very bad stitch on my right side, I was close to tears with every step I took and the rain was turning into some sort of tropical monsoon.

The streets were starting to get empty due to onlookers seeking out drier places and I was starting to doubt myself.

Orsii 41KM 2
Me at 41KM

The two things that got me through those miles were focusing intensively on my breathing and thinking about all the amazing people that had inspired me to actually be running 26.2 miles.

I thought about Charlie Dark and how I had turned down running with Run Dem Crew for so many years until it became the one thing that more or less saved me from a miserable life.

I thought about Bangs and how she single handedly helped me turn my life around for the better by helping me believe in myself and love myself for who I am.

Sam at the finish line
Sam after crossing the finish line

I thought about Robin and how she gave up everything to follow her passions and her dreams, and despite life throwing her a massive curve ball, she still managed to get through it and be one of the most bad ass people I know.

I thought about Candice and how she not only has run a marathon and an ultra, but she has also cheated death, had the most adorable little girl, and she still manages to have a rich life, work out, bake cakes and look fucking fierce.

Sam with his medal
Sam with his medal

I thought about my mum, how much I love her and how she never gives up without a fight and always gives the best she can in every situation.

I thought about Run Dem Crew and so many inspirational people I have met through running, many who have had it much worse than me and still managed to pull through.

Cata at the finish line
Cata running towards the finish line

I thought about all my own struggles and how I, for so many years, put myself down by thinking I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough or fit enough.

Yet here I was, running a marathon, 1½ day after finishing my Masters degree, with the love of my life, and my best friend who I own a flat with in London.

Cata after crossing the finish line
Cata after crossing the finish line

Somewhere along those 5-6 miles the air cooled down drastically and the rain stopped – only to start pouring down again as soon as I hit the 20 mile mark. I took some more pain-killers and hoped my knees would stay with me for the last bit of the race.

I kept reminding myself that with every step I took from there onwards, was the furthest I had run in my life. So despite the pain I should try to feel happy and proud of myself.

Almost by the finish line
Me sprinting towards the finish line

All I could think about was getting to the NBRO cheering station at mile 23 – and as the rain was pouring down and my legs were starting to ache more and more, I decided to thank every single body part for getting me through this extremely difficult challenge.

I also apologised for all the shit I have put my body through the last 27 years – the crap diets, lack of exercise for so many years, the excessive drinking, the hardcore smoking, the unhealthy body images and all the self hate and self loathing.

Once I got past mile 23 I kept telling myself that the rest was just the home stretch. Only 1 mile left until I saw my own cheering crew, then 2 miles to the finish.

Orsii crossing the finish line
Me crying deliriously on the ground after crossing the finish line

Sadly my mum and the other parents had moved from their first spot, and not seeing them put a small dent in my confidence, but I was hoping that I would catch my mum at some point before the finish.

I will never forget spotting my mum, Dave and Andreas 1 mile from the finish line. They were all soaked to the bone and my mum ran out on the road to check that I was ok. I told her to trust me and headed as fast as my legs could carry me towards the finish.

Orsii with medal
Me and my medal after Dave found me limping around the finish area

Once I got to around 25.8  miles I started to run much faster, literally pushing every physical and mental boundary I had, sprinting the last 0.2 miles and finishing with my arms and head held up to the sky.

Seconds after crossing the finish line I fell to the ground, looking up to the sky, crying and laughing deliriously by the fact that I had just completed my first ever marathon.

Post race in the pub
Me explaining how I crossed the finish line in the pub after the race

I have never felt anything like that feeling in my life and it is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Many thanks to all of you who supported me on this journey!

Cata for being the best training partner, Sam for being the most loving and understanding man Ive been with, my mum and all the parents for coming out to support us, Dave and Andreas for being amazing friends, and all the rest of you who helped me complete this race – you were all there in spirit and I wouldn’t have made it without your inspiration, encouragement and support.

DJ trip to Budapest

Last week I had the privilege to travel to Budapest for a few days after having been invited to play a party called Soul Cure presented by BudaBeats. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the trip, but Budapest is one of my all time favourite places so I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.

We arrived Wednesday evening and to my surprise, the place I had booked (a studio apartment that is cheap as chips!) was in a much better location than I ever could have hoped for!  I stayed there with Jazzman Gerald a few years ago, but due to our flying visit, I never really got the chance to check out the area.


Thursday started out with a proper lie in, followed by a quick walk around the city. I had been invited to play for an hour on the Mana Mana radio show on Tilos radio, but that wasn’t until the afternoon so we went to get some late lunch beforehand.



There is a small, old school pub that my dad used to take us to every time we visited Budapest when I was a child. It’s just by Kálvin tér and I have been going back there every trip I’ve done to Budapest on my own. The food is lovely, cooked in a proper Hungarian fashion, with generous portion sizes, quick service and decent prices. Naturally we ended up going there for lunch (more than once).


We met up with the guys at Tilos around 3pm and despite nobody being in the studio, I could feel my nerves going a bit crazy already. I was given a super warm welcome (literally – I was so warm!) and it meant so much to me to be able to play on such an iconic Hungarian station.

orsii tilos radio budapest

Before my set I had to say a few words about the party on Friday night, but I was quite relieved to find out it wasn’t really a talking show in general because I don’t think my nerves could have handles it! The plan was to go for a few drinks after the show and then heading out to explore Budapest by night, but things just didn’t quite go as planned…



We ended up going to this really cool place called Élesztö that sold amazing craft beers. I usually try to stay away from beer as it isn’t the best for my stomach, but these were so nice I just couldn’t resist.



To my surprise, the show I did on Tilos gained a bit of attention, and through my hosts I was contacted by an other radio station to do an interview with them. The founder of one of Hungary’s most popular street wear brands, BP clothing, also got in touch, asking me to drop by their showroom the following day to pick out some pieces from their collection. Clearly, all this positive attention had to be celebrated with more beer and shots of palinka (bad idea!).


So we drank and we drank and we drank – and I couldn’t eat anything at the bar because I was allergic to their entire menu. Of course this made me even more drunk and all I can say is that my man is a trooper and I can’t thank him enough for not slapping me across the face when I was acting like a proper dickhead drunk on our way home.


The Friday weather pretty much reflected the way I felt – basically pouring down with rain all day. We decided to go to the Gellért bath to nurture and recover from our hangovers – mine was probably the worst one I have had in living memory – and I was so out of it that I even forgot my phone at the apartment which meant I missed my radio interview and couldn’t communicate with anybody.


The baths really helped soothing my aching limbs and head, and we left them feeling refresh but super tired. We walked back to the apartment to leave our wet stuff and to look up where the BP showroom was. Due to the bad weather we decided to take the metro there, and it was a perfect opportunity to have a quick look at Hösök tere.


Because everybody had called the place BP shop the previous night, we were expecting to be going to a place that looked like a shop, not a showroom. However, the address we were given took us to a huge private mansion with a closed gate and security guard. We looked like drowned hungover rats, and we didn’t even know the name of the guy we were meant to be seeing. As by a miracle, they still let us in, and we had no idea what to expect!

BP clothing showroom budapest

We were greeted by some of the coolest looking people I have seen in Budapest and I literally felt like a tramp stepping into Buckingham Palace! Thankfully, they didn’t judge us at all (at least not to our faces haha!) and instead we got a bit of background history to the brand, what they do and I got to select some free stuff (yay!) that ended up being a BP Crew tshirt, a BP x Wu-tang collab tshirt, and a BP cap.


After that we went back to the apartment to get ready and take my records, then we met up with the guys so I could do a quick film interview (yeah I know. pretty crazy), we went to grab some dinner then headed over to Fogasház which was the venue for the event.

orsii fogashaz 1

Luckily enough I hadn’t massively offended the guy from the other radio station by failing to meet up with him during the day, so he came earlier to the event and we did a 30 minute interview. I was massively impressed with how much he knew about me and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the questions he asked me.

orsii fogashaz 2

The closer I got to my set time, the more nervous I was starting to get. A lot of people were coming up to me asking me when I was playing, and one woman even came over to tell me that it was her best friends 30th birthday and that she had picked to come and see me amongst all the other events going on that night (yeah, so no pressure then…!! PS! If you’re reading this, I hope you had fun!)

fogashaz 2

I started playing around 12:30am and people didn’t seem to hate what I was playing which was a relief. As the night went on, more and more people showed up, and more and more were dancing which made me so so happy!

orsii fogashaz 3

They kept coming up giving me compliments and showing me the thumbs up and I managed to entertain a full dancefloor for 3 hours which is a pretty big deal for me! I mean, come on – it’s just me, not Gilles or anybody famous. It felt amazing.

fogashaz 1

After 3 hours I had to bring it to an end because I only had half decent records left and I didn’t want to ruin a good night by finishing off my set with some half decent stuff.
It meant the world to me to be able to play the music I love and feel passionate about in a place like Budapest.


We went to bed around 4:45am and had to check out by 11am. The weather was amazing and despite being super tired, we decided to have a wonder in the sunshine and catch some last minute tourist attractions.


We walked over to Buda and climbed up the mini mountain to get up to the castle and to see the fantastic view over the city.

Budapest a gellert hegyböl

Once we got down we were super hungry so we decided to try out one of the oldest patisserie’s in Budapest. Hungary is pretty famous for their cakes and pastries, so I couldn’t really think of a more perfect way to finish off our short trip.


After that we had about 1½ hour to kill, so we wandered up to one of the BP shops to see if they had anything else nice in stock. I loved the tees they gave me but they didn’t fit 100% so I wanted to see what else I could find. I ended up buying a super comfy BP hoodie and a totebag. Luckily their card machine wasn’t working, or I would have walked out with this super nice varsity jacket as well!

BP Shop budapest

All in all it was a fantastic trip and it was such an honour and privilege to be able to go and DJ in a city that means so much to me.

Many thanks to all of you who came out to the event and who made this trip happen.

Special thanks to DJ Gandharva & DJ Yodi who invited me over, Budabeats and Fogasház for having me, Tilos Radio & Mana Mana for letting me play, Bence & the BP clothing crew for making me feel like a fucking rockstar, Vera & Karolina for being lovely, Géza & Zsofi for being super friendly, and all the rest of you who made it an event I will always remember.

As soon as I get sent the 1 hour set I did on the radio show I will share it, so stay tuned!

Budabeats presents Soul Cure with Orsii on the 28th Feb 2014

Hello my friends!

I am super happy to announce that on the 28th February I will be DJing in Budapest for the first time ever!

The kind folks from Budabeats have invited me to play at their Soul Cure party and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

They asked me to put together a 30 minute “warm-up mix” to give people a taste of what they can expect to hear on the night. Im finally allowed to share it with you and hopefully you’ll like it!

[iframe width=”100%” height=”180″ iframe src=”//″ frameborder=”0″]
If you happen to be in Budapest on the 28th Feb – then make sure you check out the Facebook Event for more info about when and where to catch me!