Oh and what about that manic week…?

Trying out new glasses

Well I really should sort out the two FEVER radio shows that Im very much behind with due to two sets of flu in October and a two week trip to Jamaica…!!!

But that equals almost 4 hours of music, which is about 10 hours worth of work for me at least, and im not sure where to find those 10 spare hours, but Im working on it…!

Even though I started the week with great optimism, it has turned into another crazy one on the work front (won’t bore you with details but MY GOD!) and if that wasn’t enough, I had 3 mini crisis to deal with today that have left me totally drained.

It’s also my best friend Cata’s birthday this week, which means she will be coming back to visit (yaaaay!) but it also means I want to spend time with her and not work late (which is a conflict of interest in my head and heart).

So that, coupled with another birthday party on Saturday day-time, and Christmas decorating the flat Sunday – I feel like I might be stretching myself a bit thin…

But I keep telling myself it will be alright, so I will try to take it one day at the time and hopefully I will be able to keep my head above water all week!

(Rant over – what you think of the glasses?)

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