Goals for 2015

A new year – a new set of goals!

Sharing my goals on the blog have become a bit of a tradition, although it seems that I keep aiming for more or less the same things… ;)

But what can I say? Change can be a slow and difficult process at times.

These were my goals in 2013 and 2014 – and I’m very pleased to say that I achieved more or less all my goals for 2014!

Some I will reuse for 2015 because Im not 100% satisfied with how they turned out last year, but there will be some new ones as well!

My goals for 2015

– DRINK MORE WATER! (same as last year)
– Train for 3 half marathons with the aim of doing a sub 2 hour one in Amsterdam
– Do more weight training whilst I run
– Become better at stretching
– Take better care of myself (wash my face, moisturise & floss daily!)

– Explore London & the world more (same as last year)
– Make more time for friends and family
– Go out at least once a month to some event
– Try to waste less time on pointless things
– Listen to more music & radio (same as last year)

– Work on expanding some of my own business ideas incl. the MIC
– Create better content for this blog including more music, food and fitness posts
– Become better at doing my own regular radio shows
– Try to DJ out more
– Try to develop Jazzman Records online presence further

And there you have it! Anything I missed? What are your goals for 2015?

Goals for 2014

Hello my friends!

We are well into the new year, so I figured I would share a new set of goals that I will try to achieve this year.

I made a similar post last year, but unfortunately life got in the way of achieving some of them in 2013, so I have recycled and re-purposed some them for this year!

Orsi looking ahead

My goals for 2014

– Run my first ever MARATHON on the 18th May in Copenhagen
– Train more and try to get leaner & happier
– Focus on cooking healthier  and share more of the food I make on the blog
– Document more of my health & fitness journey on the blog

– Explore London & the world more
– Treat myself once a month
– Save money
– Tell people I care about that I love them more often
– Listen to more music & radio

– Finish my MA Degree in May
– Start a new radio show in the summer
– Try to develop Jazzman Records online presence

What are your goals for the new year?


Goals for 2013

orsii runs 13 miles on 010113

Happy New Year my friends!

Many see the beginning of the year as a fresh start and for once, I don’t want to make any new years resolutions.

Instead I would like to set out some goals for 2013.

Looking back on 2012, I think the overall goal, even if I never said it out loud as such, was to become healthier and start living a much healthier lifestyle.

It was a goal that grew out of the challenge of running a half marathon for the first time in my life, and it lead to me taking a lot of difficult decisions about my life and my health, and meant that I had to sacrifice a lot of things in order to potentially gain back my health again.

Well, this year I am taking no prisoners.

2012 laid down the foundations for a healthier life and a happier me, and whilst I believe that my overall end goal is not in sight yet from a health perspective (maybe in 2014 if Im lucky), I really want to share some overall goals with you all so you can put me in place if I fall off the rails or lose focus.

There is no such thing as stupid or insignificant goals, because at the end of the day, they are all personal, and sometimes you need smaller goals on your way of reaching an overall bigger one.

So here are my overall goals for this coming year:



– Finish my “bad stomach” treatment
– Run a sub 2 hour half marathon
– Become stronger and leaner by doing more cross training
– Share the fitness progress diary I have been keeping for a year on my birthday

– Travel more
– Get my finances in order so I can buy a flat
– Invest more time in myself
– See the people I love more often

– Finish my MA degree
– Redo my blog and expand some areas of it
– DJ out more
– Do more radio related things

What are your goals for 2013?