Post We Own The Night Endorphins

And this GIF above where our endorphins are running high after the We Own The Night race this past weekend is a very accurate example of how I feel about the fact of being done with marathon training AND my Masters Degree next Monday! (also, Peggy’s look at me & Cata is pretty damn priceless! HAHAHA!)

Training week 17 - 1

ANYWAY! Week 17 of training was not very exciting due to my Runner’s Knee injury plus being crazy busy with my MA project. The week slightly overlapped with the previous training week due to the bank holiday, so I did the 7 miles (instead of 12) on the Monday, then decided to run my 5 miler on Wednesday to give my knees some time to rest before the 10K race on Saturday night.

Training week 17 - 2

I hated every single step of those 5 miles on the treadmill and I didnt feel like it was helping my knees in any way whatsoever apart from forcing me to keep a steady pace. Felt pretty bummed out after the session and went home to RICE my knees, which made them look far worse than they felt I promise.

Training week 17 - pre race gift

I got a nice little pre-race treat from Vita Coco to help me keep hydrated for the We Own The Night race – THANK SO MUCH! Wasn’t a big fan of all of them, and I still need to try the coffee and mocha flavours, but I would definitely invest in getting the peach&mango one as a post-exercise drink if my little wallet could afford it.

Training week 17 - 3

Then Saturday came and we ventured out in the crazy weather to run We Own The Night in Victoria Park alongside 10’000 other women. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the race this year as last year it was a bit of a let down.

The events leading up to the race were promising and even though I wasn’t invited to all of them, they gave me a good feeling about the race overall.

Training week 17 - 4

And WOW! THEY DID OT DISAPPOINT THIS YEAR! I almost feel like I should dedicate a whole post to this race, mainly because I feel like it was such a phenomenal improvement on last year and I felt genuinely happy that they had taken so much feedback on board and really tried to make it better this year.

WELL DONE NIKE and the team who organised it this year. You really pulled it off!

Training week 17 - Peggy

I ran the race with my friend Peggy the whole way through and I loved every second of it.

The pre & post area of the race was great and felt like a mini festival, the race itself was dope and I loved how they played with lights and sounds, Cheer Dem Crew at the 4th & 8th KM was EPIC and made me so happy and overall I really feel like this ended up being one of my most enjoyable races of all time!

Plus Peggy got a PB and Cata got a PB and I think it just helped putting us on a positive note a week before our big day.

Training week 17 - 5


And if that wasn’t enough, the exact distance I ran the race in also helped me reach 1000 miles ON THE DOT 7 days before the marathon. What a milestone! (That is around 1610KM for those of you who don’t do miles…!!) Who would have thought I would achieve this in 2 years – Im still gob smacked about it!

So, with race day in T-6 days, this is what I am hoping my week will look like:


TUE: 3 miles
WED: 4 miles
THU: 2 miles

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