MARATHON TRAINING WEEK 2: Marathon training is HARD!

So I started marathon training last week and wow, let me tell you, it is HARD when you haven’t been active for around 5 months.

I always thought going from sofa to finish line was the most difficult thing, but having done it myself 2 years I have to say that I don’t agree.

training week 1 - 1

Please don’t get me wrong, as I am not saying that the journey from sofa to finish line is easy, because it wasn’t easy by any means! But in comparison to what I am going through at the moment, mentally that journey wasn’t as demoralising.

training week 1 - 2

What I mean by that is – I am a person who in the space of one and a half year ran six half marathons and six 10K races –  of which the majority was FOR FUN. And now I am finding myself in the situation where I really struggle to run beyond one mile.

training week 1 - 3

I’ve been in this position before, but that was in the very beginning when I had never run before, so every mile clocked was a massive achievement for me. Now I know that I have been able to run a half marathon without stopping and without great difficulty, so my confidence is taking a complete battering when I can’t even run a mile without feeling like my lungs will explode (don’t even get me started on the speed I have lost…)

training week 1 - 4

It makes me really sad and angry that I have allowed myself to get this out of shape again. But then I remember the reasons why it has happened, and I try not to be too hard on myself. It’s just very hard when every run so far has been a massive struggle and I can just feel how Im overweight and flabby…

Hopefully it will get a bit easier as the weeks go by, and in the mean time I will just have to work harder on silencing that voice of doubt in my mind.


MON: 3 miles – Done
TUE: Strength training – Done
WED: 3 miles – Done
THU: Strength training & 3 miles – Done
FRI: REST – Done
SAT: Cross training – No cross training
SUN: 7 miles – Done

Wish me good luck!


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