MARATHON TRAINING WEEK 11: Don’t over do it!

Are you guys sick and tired of my marathon training posts? Because Im sure as hell getting a bit fed up with having to train for this damn thing!

Safe to say I had a mini breakdown in WEEK 10 – Im not sure if it was my hormones, or the seasons changing, or maybe all the internal stress and pressure that I am feeling at the moment with my MA project deadline and the marathon approaching  – but safe to say I lost it a bit and it had an effect on my running too.

training week 10 - 1

On Tuesday I had a really shit run that could only be saved by a treat (yes I know I shouldn’t be eating ice cream but fuck it!). I felt tired and my mindset was completely off due to the internal struggles I was having. Decided to listen to a podcast instead of music which in hindsight was a bad idea, but I did my 4 miles despite wanting to cry at most points throughout the run so go me!

training week 10 - 2

Because the Tuesday run was so shit I was determined to do well the following day. I felt good for the first 2½ miles and I was running at a much speedier pace than the night before. However, due to the bad lighting around peckham rye, I twisted my ankle quite badly in one of the darker spots where I couldn’t see the pavement. I still carried on running, but my ankle was hurting more and more the further I went.

When I woke up the next day my ankle still hurt, so I decided to skip my strength training and 3 mile run, mainly because I felt it would do me more harm than good. I was tempted to run on Friday instead, but my ankle wasn’t feeling 100% normal and since my long run was swapped over to the Saturday, I didn’t want to mess up my chances of completing it.

training week 10 - 4

The weather was a bit chillier all week, and the saturday was no exception! Running through 2 minute hail storms, some spitting rain, coupled with occasional icey winds and glorious sunshine – it was perfect Orsi weather ;)

I was trying out some new running shorts from Nike that sadly weren’t as good as I hoped. They were meant to be 13cm so a bit longer than some of the other ones they have, but sadly that didn’t stop them from riding up as I was running. Not the shorts fault really, it’s my big ass and thighs that are causing the problem – but it was annoying to have to pull them down every 0.5-1 mile and I cant imagine doing it throughout an entire marathon!

training week 10 - salt

Despite the crazy weather and silly shorts, I would say that those 15 miles were one of my best long runs in recent weeks. I wasn’t feeling overheated and fatigued, and if it wasn’t for the fact that we had to stop towards the end to look at the map, I could have carried on for another 1-2 miles. Plus, the chilly weather meant I could wear a jacket which meant no silly bumbag (which I hate running with!) and less chaffing.

Oh and if you’re wondering, thats my face covered in SALT! That’s what it looks like when your sweat dries on your face – yum…!

The milage is still going up this coming week and I will have clocked over 120 miles in March alone which is pretty mental if you ask me. This is what I have to do this week:


TUE: Strength training & 4 miles – No strength but done running
WED: 8 miles – DONE
THU: Strength training & 4 miles – No strength but done running
SAT: Swimming – NO :(
SUN:16 miles – ONLY 8.6 MILES!


After finishing WEEK 8 with a half marathon, I couldn’t believe it when I realised I was kicking off WEEK 9 by leisurely running 7 miles!

training week 9 - 1

I felt tired but determined and running at night was a welcomed change to the sun & heat that I experienced on the weekend running the half. All in all it was a pretty decent effort on my side.

training week 9 - 2

I had swapped my medium long run with my Tuesday shorter run, but despite running around 21 miles in 3 days, I ended up doing a speedy 4 miles and if I am honest, I have no idea how I had the energy to push myself to do it! To my great surprise it felt relatively good and I was mighty proud of myself.

training week 9 - 3

On Thursday I wasn’t in the mood to run despite the relatively short distance. I felt very sluggish whilst running it, with my legs tired and my mind a bit foggy. Did it at an ok pace but wasn’t very satisfying! (my pissed off look proves the point haha)

training week 9 - 4

Went swimming as normal on Saturday morning and on Sunday I was only meant to run 10 miles, but I somehow agreed to running 14 miles with Cata instead. It was a super sunny day, much warmer than the half marathon the previous week, but also a lot breezier which was nice!

Started out ok and felt good plus kept a good pace until about 11 miles in – that’s when I started to overheat and kind of lose my grip of the situation. Incredibly frustrating and something that is starting to worry me more & more.

Thankfully we stopped at ASDA at mile 11 so I could buy more water and drink it plus pour it over my head and face. Not sure how to cope with the situation on race day if it’s super warm. I guess try to hydrate as much as possible, but even then, the sun just heats my head up so much I feel a bit delirious and out of it.

Any suggestions on how to avoid an overheated head/face?

The weather for this week looks a bit grimmer and this is what I have planned:


MON: REST – Done
TUE: Strength training & 4 miles – Done
WED: 7 miles – Done
THU: Strength training & 3 miles – Not done due to badly twisting my ankle previous night
FRI: REST – Done
SAT: 15 miles – Done
SUN: Swimming – Not done but did around 4-5 miles walking instead


I kicked off week 8 with a bang and did my speediest run to date. The Sunday run had given me confidence and I was feeling good about myself and my form.

training week 8 - 1

Sadly that didn’t last very long and after a super difficult strength training session on Tuesday morning, coupled with the speedy run in the evening, my Wednesday mid-long run felt sluggish and tiring. I was generally not impressed and I even had to pause in the middle because my left knee was still feeling a bit dodgy.

training week 8 - 2

My Thursday short run was even worse and even though I wasn’t aiming on running it fast, it didn’t feel good at all. (my pissed off look says it all!)

training week 8 - 3

The Saturday swim session got cancelled due to two burst water mains that left us without running water for most of the day which was a real shame as I was looming forward to it.


Sunday started super early since we had a half marathon to run in Milton Keynes. It was meant to be a super sunny day so I decided to run it in shorts and a t-shirt which was a very good move!

training week 8 - MK half Sam

training week 8 - MK half Cata Orsi

The race course was meant to be relatively flat but it wasn’t…! There was a lot of small inclines all around and at mile 12.5 we had to run up a super steep hill (the sort of hill that you go up in a park to get the best view over the entire city!) to then be lured into some sort of 8 shaped loop (where you could see the finish) before we could actually cross the finish line (so in other words – A REALLY MEAN 600 METERS!).

I wanted to give up around mile 10 because the heat from the sun (and no wind) was literally cooking me and I lost the feeling in my right arm for a while. But Cata encouraged me to continue and we even ran up that devils hill before the finish without stopping!

training week 8 - 4

This race really made me worried about how Im going to cope with heat on marathon race day. I usually don’t drink during the race when I run a half marathon or shorter, but on Sunday I took water every other mile, even pouring it over my head towards the end and not even that helped!

Anybody have any tips on how to deal with the sun if you really can’t handle heat? I felt like I had energy left to run longer, but it got destroyed by the heat stroke I was more or less having…

This really was the last “easy” week and from now on it’s full steam ahead with longer weekday runs, as well as weekend runs.


TUE: Strength training & 4 miles – Did 7 miles and no strength
WED: 7 miles – Did 4 miles
THU: Strength training & 3 miles – Did 3 miles and no strength
SAT: Swimming – DONE
SUN: 10 miles – Did 14 miles!