Good afternoon my friends!

How are we feeling today? All good I hope! Just wanted to give you heads up about this great documentary on 1Xtra called Bedroom Beats. It features some of the UK’s finest “bedroom producers” like Paul White, Bullion, Floating Points, Eric Lau, DJ IQ, Toddla T and many more. If you’re into making beats and producing stuff at home/from your bedroom, I definitely think you will enjoy this! Plus it’s not very long, only 26 minutes. So yes, check it out!


I got an email through the other day, and this game really made me giggle. Finale is an emcee from Detroit, and you might have caught him last week at Deviation. His latest LP, A Pipe Dream And A Promise, includes productions from J Dilla as well as Flying Lotus, Oddisee, and Black Milk (to name a few). The game above is called Super Finale, and it gives you a chance to win the track “One Man Show” off his album. Even if you’re not into hiphop, it is a funny little way to start your morning with.

As for me, I should get ready for work. By the looks of it, no sunshine today either. But I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Oh and if you’re out and about in London tonight, make sure you check this out tonight in Shoreditch

You’re chance to experience some fresh sounds from Alexander Nut, Floating Points & vocals  from (queen!) Fatima and Cooly G plus others @ The Macbeth, 70 Hoxton Street, LDN! You don’t wanna miss out. And I’m gonna be late, so Im off. Have a nice day peeps! x

A quick update as I am meant to go into a meeting shortly. I came across this tune this morning thanks to Mr Beatnick & Alex Chase, and it was a great song to start the day to, so I wanted to share it with you guys. You should definitely go and check out both Tranqill and Oddisee if you haven’t already, two very talented artists indeed! If i have understood it correctly, they are cooking an album up as we speak, so keep your eyes and ears open for when that bad boy drops!

Right, have to dash! But I shall be back later. Hope you’re having a nice day! x

DOWNLOAD: The Supplier – Tranqill (Produced by Oddisee)