This is where Ill be for the following 5 days. Will give you a proper update tonight, just had to say something because Im really bloody excited! Ive never been to France so it will be interesting. As long as they understand me when I say “Parlezvous anglais?” I’ll be alright. Bisou!

The Big Chill House in Kings Cross

Thristian having his The BPM Presents… night.

New crazy friends that I made. A bunch of really funny and outgoing people.

Thristian with one of the performers, Valentina. Wonderful girl with an amazing voice. Really liked her. Check her out here if you want!

The Crowd…

The Mighty Jeddo. AWESOME BAND! Check them out here!

DJ Maximilian. Funny guy, love his North London accent!

The BPM doing his thing…