Good afternoon my friends!

I hope you are all fine this lovely Thursday afternoon. If you didn’t come down on Tuesday night to check out DJ Mitsu The Beats, I’ll have you know that you missed a fantastic night. It was the first time I ever had the pleasure to hear him play, and it was magical! I spent most of the night with my eyes closed, dancing away to all the amazing tunes & beats he was dropping. Didn’t get much sleep, so I was feeling rather rough yesterday, but it was worth it!

While I was sitting and waiting to be able to go get some lunch, I found out about this cool competition over at Spine Magazine where you could email them and get the chance to win Paul White‘s latest LP “The Strange Dreams Of Paul White“. The competition was 2 days old, so I didn’t expect to even be considered for it. However, with a spare 5 minutes on my hands, I thought “what the fuck, why not…” and decided to email them anyway. I started writing the email, and realised I had no idea what I was meant to put in it. Being a bit tired and in my usual “Orsi mood” I decided to send them a little poem that went like this:

“The Strange Dreams Of Paul White” is so fresh and raw,
People should buy the album, and not just listen to “Cheese Special & A Draw”.
Every time I listen to Paul’s tunes, my heart skips a beat,
And I find it very difficult to sit still in my seat.
The way he sampled Lyn Collins vocals on “Waiting For Time” makes me smile,
But what I love most about his music is that it’s so versatile.
This LP is definitely The Composers Comeback,
Because Mr White has all the qualities that other beat-makers lack!

After having a good little giggle to myself and thinking “these people probably gonna think Im crazy”, I set off to have some lunch. I get back in the office, and to my very big surprise, I have an email waiting for me from one of the editors, saying that I have won a copy! Needless to say, I jumped out of my seat screaming like a little girl! Not only did that make my entire day, BUT THE ALBUM IS AMAZING! And I can’t wait to have my “real” copy, with the pillow case album cover and everything.

If you haven’t got this in your collection, I URGE YOU TO GET IT.

Greymatter is a person I have been following for a while on twitter and his great taste in music never stops to amaze me. He was interviewed for the latest “under the influence with…” series over at cubikmusik (a dope series & website that I highly recommend you to check out!) and it included a great mix called “2Steppin Into Tomorrow“. This heavy mixtape totally made my Monday morning and it includes tunes from Greymatter, Kode9, Floating Points & Martyn (to name a few). So stop wasting time, just go and read “under the influence with…greymatter” and find the complete tracklisting for the mix plus additional tunes to download! Enjoy! x