A little rant about Girls & the Music Biz

Good afternoon my darlings!

I hope you’re enjoying this very warm and somewhat sunny Thursday afternoon.  Need to write some thoughts down that have been circulating in my head lately, and it’s in regards to this whole ”thing” about being a girl and being into/working with music.

There are two reoccurring “themes” that keep popping up every now and again, and I just want to address them once and for all, since they are starting to slightly annoy me:

1.  “I didn’t know girls were into this kind of music…”

I hate this expression, and I very much dislike when people say it to me (even if they sometimes say it a good way). What correlation is there between my gender and what music I’m into?  NONE, absolutely none. Ok, fair enough, there might not be a lot of girls in certain “scenes” or what ever you want to call it, but I wouldn’t say that it is because of the fact that they are girls and rather listen to some shitty R&B or pop. Trust me when I say that there are plenty of girls out there who love a heavy beat and a fat bass. You might not find them in the places where you think you would, but that doesn’t rule out the fact that they exist. They are just as common as all the guys who like shitty mainstream music.

2. “You’re a girl, so of course it is easier for you…”

Ok, let me first point out that I am a nobody. I was blessed and lucky enough to get accepted and join the Brownswood family 1,5 year ago now, and yes, because of that I got the chance to meet some incredible people. But, I don’t make music and I don’t DJ, and apart from being passionate about music and having the intention of maybe one day start working with it again, I don’t consider myself part of the music scene here in London.

I get a lot of people taking the piss out of me or asking me how I know this and this person, how I know about this and this event etc and for most of them, it almost always boils down to the fact that I am a girl and therefore I get special treatment. And my response to that is: The reason why I know these people, why I get invited to these events, have some of that (what they like to call) “underground music” is because I MAKE AN EFFORT. I listen to their music, I buy their music, I play their music, I go to their events, I contact them and tell them I like their stuff, I write to other people and recommend their stuff, I write in this blog about them, if I can help them in any other way or form I’ll go and help them. I put in a lot of my time and effort doing all these things. Not because I have to or because I want to be cool/be recognised/whatever, I do it because I genuinely love music, because I am passionate about the art behind making it, and because I truly care and want to help these people succeed in every way I can.

You say: I have it easy because I am a girl and that I get treated differently
I say: it is people like you that treat me differently because I am a girl.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean I/we girls have it easier. I constantly feel like I have to prove myself because I am a girl, and I am sure Im not the only one who feels that way.

Bottom line is, when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. If you have the passion and you have the will to push forward and do what it takes to achieve your goals/dreams (whatever they might be) I am confident in the fact that you will.

Right, rant over. Thanks for that, needed to get that out of my system. Much love! x

DOWNLOAD: Best Of Brownswood Bubblers Mixtape


As you might know, Brownswood Bubblers 4 is being released this month on the 24th, and I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait! I have heard the compilation and is it AMAZING! Best bubblers compilation by far in my opinion. However, whilst still having to wait 1,5 week for it to drop, the brownswood fam has been kind enough to treat us all with a little teaser on the shape mixtape. Its a lovely little gem and includes almost all my favourite tracks from all four bubblers compilations. So enjoy my dears, and make sure you get the new bubblers compilation when it’s out on the 24th August, 2009.

Tracklisting for Best of Bubblers:

1. Soundspecies – Can We Call It Love (with Ahu) [BB4]
2. Simbad feat. Steelo – Soul Fever [BB1]
3. Bullion – Get Familiar [BB3]
4. NSM – The Hype [BB2]
5. Katalyst feat. Steve Spacek – How Bout Us [BB3]
6. Cornish Waters feat. Duchess – Walking [BB2]
7. Ayak & First Man – Can We Go Back? [BB1]
8. DJ Day – A Place To Go [BB3]
9. Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No [BB4]
10. Iman – Who Was I Trying To Fool [BB1]
11. Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers [BB2]
12. New Look – Everything [BB4]

A Twitter Love Poem

Let me introduce some of my dear friends from Twitter.
I apologise in advance for the severe lack of glitz, glam & glitter…

If your name is not mentioned, please don’t get offended.
The list is already long, but should probably still be extended.

I want to start off with Juslikemusic who I have known for a year,
This Saturday is his bday so please head over and give him a big cheer.

On my own birthday I had the pleasure of meeting
CubikMusikgunniessdj, Soul_Identity and Greymatterbeats
I can honestly say that that day was one of my life’s best birthday treats.

I am blessed to have the peeps that show me love and are there to support,
Friendly creatures like paulriley1982futureancient, bmxkris, bkcl, EL3G, Dooks13, onthebuzz, thefunkhouse, and bluevibestudio

Then I have the overly talented people who I simply just admire
People like MrBeatnick, BullionNess, The_Real_Semtek, illum_sphere, the8bitch, daddydark and of course, Mr. Scrimshire

Not to mention some of the bloggers that know their shit and never disappoint,
Fellow writers and music lovers like putmeonit, OndaSonora, nutriot and on_point

Oh, and I need big up the boys that make me giggle, and not just djhoop,
But also his mates, thenextmen and matt_the_good

Before I round this up I’d like to send some extra love to LaidBackRadio
Not only for the musical inspiration, but for letting me do a show.