Goodbye 2016!

Thank god this awful year is over, it’s been a rollercoaster to say the least!

The year started with 2 bad heartbreaks and then continued to worsen as I I lost my job, lost all my own savings and ended up on crutches just before Christmas.

But I also had some ✨amazing✨ times!

My best friend got married, I ran a marathon, I travelled loads and most importantly, I had an abundance of love & proper belly laughs. Here’s a quick recap…

JANUARY- New beginnings & lots of running


FEBRUARY – Paris trip & friends visiting


MARCH – Wedding dress hunting & AW laughs


APRIL – London marathon & hen weekend


MAY – BFF’s wedding & more running


JUNE – BBQ’s & midsummer


JULY – Italian wedding & Swedish summer


AUGUST – Turning 30 & Spanish sun


SEPTEMBER – Italy, Italy, Italy


OCTOBER – Reunited friends & DIY


NOVEMBER – Budapest & DJing


DECEMBER – Ugly sweaters & family

I feel extremely grateful for the good times that I had and for the stronger person I have become because of all the shit 2016 brought, but equally, I can’t wait to put this year behind me!

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