Koh Mak Beach Selfie

It’s weird how a certain occasion or day can remind you of things you usually don’t really think about (or try not to remember…).

This period two years ago was probably one of the worst and most difficult ones I’ve had in my “adult life”.

I had just broken up with my longtime boyfriend who I was living with at the time, I had nowhere to live, no family to comfort me, no savings or money, and no idea how I was gonna make it through the darkness.

I have very vivid memories of trying to find sofas to crash on whilst I sorted myself out and how bad I felt asking people because of Valentine’s Day.

It’s also weird (and in a way comforting) to notice how life really does go in cycles, and how I’m currently facing another shit/life changing situation in my life but with a totally different mindset and attitude.

Without going into too much detail, it makes me happy and proud to see and feel how much I have grown as a person these last two years. There’s some sort of maturity and calm about me that I definitely didn’t have back then.

I have this strange reassurance that even though I’m sad as hell and I have no idea what’s gonna happen, it will all work out in the end, I just have to keep my head up and believe in both myself and the path I have chosen (or that has chosen me?).

Sorry if it’s all a bit cryptic at the moment, as I said in my previous post, it will all make sense once I can figure out how to share everything Im going through.

But until then, thanks for reading, I hope this sort of stuff doesn’t bore you all too much! I’m in a phase right now that forces me to just get all these things out or it will eat away in my head and make it too heavy.


Hello my friends!

I know it’s been a few weeks since I checked in here but I’m finally back from my holiday in Thailand (more on that in upcoming posts) and so much has happened in the few days that I’ve been on British soil that I haven’t really had the time and energy to write anything until today.

I’m still trying to get my head around what has happened and a way to share it with you all in the most appropriate way (sorry if this all sounds super secretive – it’ll make sense I promise!).

But in all the madness the good news are that I have loads of stuff to share with you and I have no plans of going anywhere in the near future!

So if you haven’t already done so, make sure you bookmark the blog, add it to your RSS feed, follow it on Bloglovin’ or whatever you prefer – just make sure to check in a bit more regularly from now on as I will dedicate far more time to this space than what I have been able to the last year or so.

On another note – I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day yesterday. I personally don’t believe in it but I know a lot of people do, so Im sending you a belated Valentine’s hug!