This Thailand trip was nothing like any other trip I have ever taken. It had so many lovely little parts, that I feel I have to divide them up in separate posts to do them all justice. And of course, because the main reason for the trip was my best friends (fake) wedding, I have to start with that!


The day started around 3am with me getting what we call a “Thai stomach”… Yeah that’s right! Out of all the damn days I could’ve gotten the shits, it had to be on my friends wedding day!


I was feeling super rough but determined to get through the day. The ceremony was being held in the outskirts of Bangkok where her family lives, and we struggled to find a cab that would take us there from the city (what’s up with all these damn Thai taxi drivers refusing to take you places!?)


Anyway, we got there in the end, and since the ceremony was operating on “Thai time” we were actually early despite being late.


We were all totally blown away with how Cata looked – she never really wears that much make-up and she looked like a Thai barbie doll (in the best way possible). I remember looking over at her and Dave and really struggling to hold back the tears :’)


They were both wearing traditional Thai outfits and I thought it looked so nice on them! Cata’s entire family (and extended family) was there, plus more or less the whole neighbourhood.


I loved the idea of having a big open house to the local community where they can pop in for a little while and give you their blessings. You know, the whole idea of it taking a village to raise a child, and then all of them being there when that child turns into a grown woman etc…


Anyway, for those of you wondering or who have been asking – the reason why I keep saying that it is a fake wedding is because it was actually just a blessing ceremony so nothing legally binding. We were given strict instructions of how to act (or NOT act) when the monks arrived, and then we kind of just got on with it.


They did their chants whilst we all sat on the floor, then C&D lit some candles and somewhere between the candles and the chants I kind of phased out a bit because I was feeling mega sick. But I do know that at the end of it all they fed the monks and we were all allowed to go outside and start eating the massive feast that had been prepared for us.


It was a bit of a catch-22 for me because I couldn’t really keep anything in, but I was super hungry as well. Plus Cata’s family don’t eat beef, and Im allergic to pork, so I was torn between many things (as you can imagine haha).


But I did end up eating anyway because Cata’s family has a reputation of making amazing food (I’ve tried her mums, it is DIVINE!) and luckily nothing major happened, I just mainly felt sick and tried to get it out of me without any real action.


Whilst we were eating C&D had to go back in to do another session with the monks where they sprayed water all over them with this little whisk looking thing.


I didn’t quite understand what it was all about but it was hilarious to see some of them really going for it with Dave and by the end of the line the water was dripping off his entire face.


They were both blessed with three dots on their heads and then it was time to say goodbye to the monks.




I remember Cata being super pleased about this as it meant she and Dave were finally allowed to eat like the rest of us.


On a small side note – I have never met anybody that eats as much as Cata’s family, they are BEASTS (but more on that in another post).


Then it was time to take loads of pictures with the family and extended family. We spent most of this time outside but I snuck in to get this pic.

Oh and at the end of it all, we were also invited to take a pic with the newlyweds ;)


And if a real wedding ever happens here in the UK, here is the bride with her bridesmaids (minus one).


At around 3pm we were all bloody exhausted, the last guests had left and we spent the next couple of hours trying to relax a bit and then getting ready for the evening meal with the family.


At this “smaller” event C&D looked more like what we might be used to seeing when it comes to wedding outfits here in Europe and I had a hard time keeping back the tears again when I saw her <3



Loads of pictures were taken again (of course!) and here they are posing with all the cousins.


And with her cousin, his wife, nanny plus baby – who is the cutest and quietest little girl ever. I did not hear her scream or cry ONCE during the entire trip!


Look how many aunties and uncles she has! I never really realised how big Cata’s family was until this trip. It must be such a blessing and I can only imagine how much it meant to them that she and Dave agreed to do this ceremony in Thailand so they could all attend.


Here we are :) Oh I tear up every time I look at this! :’) Can’t even begin to put it into words how amazing it feels to see your best friend being so happy and being with a person that loves her so much…!


I had such a lovely time despite the stomach stuff and I’m so thankful that we could attend this special day.

I wish you both the very best and I hope you will live a long and healthy life together filled with as much love and laughter as possible!

Orsi at 14KM

It’s been a while since I laced up my running shoes – more or less 9 months to the date to be exact – but now the time has come to get off my butt and get on my feet again.

The marathon really sucked the running life out of me and it messed up my poor knee that I have tried to rehabilitate by doing mainly strength training for almost a year.

But with the Hackney Half Marathon coming up in May, Nike Women’s 10K in June, Copenhagen Half Marathon in September, Amsterdam Half Marathon in October and the London MARATHON in April 2016 – I really have no more excuses to give.

The main goal this year is to get back into running and doing it injury free. But my other not-so-secret goal is to try to run a sub-2 half marathon in October, something I’ve always wanted to do but never been able to.

Hopefully by then I will have reached a certain level of fitness which will mean that I can make it through training for another marathon without injuring myself like last time (and maybe even improve my time, who knows?!).

So I hope you’re up for the ride as it’s gonna be another year (and a bit) with me moaning and complaining about everything running ;)

Koh Mak Beach Selfie

It’s weird how a certain occasion or day can remind you of things you usually don’t really think about (or try not to remember…).

This period two years ago was probably one of the worst and most difficult ones I’ve had in my “adult life”.

I had just broken up with my longtime boyfriend who I was living with at the time, I had nowhere to live, no family to comfort me, no savings or money, and no idea how I was gonna make it through the darkness.

I have very vivid memories of trying to find sofas to crash on whilst I sorted myself out and how bad I felt asking people because of Valentine’s Day.

It’s also weird (and in a way comforting) to notice how life really does go in cycles, and how I’m currently facing another shit/life changing situation in my life but with a totally different mindset and attitude.

Without going into too much detail, it makes me happy and proud to see and feel how much I have grown as a person these last two years. There’s some sort of maturity and calm about me that I definitely didn’t have back then.

I have this strange reassurance that even though I’m sad as hell and I have no idea what’s gonna happen, it will all work out in the end, I just have to keep my head up and believe in both myself and the path I have chosen (or that has chosen me?).

Sorry if it’s all a bit cryptic at the moment, as I said in my previous post, it will all make sense once I can figure out how to share everything Im going through.

But until then, thanks for reading, I hope this sort of stuff doesn’t bore you all too much! I’m in a phase right now that forces me to just get all these things out or it will eat away in my head and make it too heavy.