It’s no secret that I love to eat and I love to cook.

Sadly, due to being overweight most of my life and having an issue with my stomach that, until very recently, meant I had irregular and uncontrollable symptoms of extreme bloating and cramps – I’ve had a very twisted view on food and eating.

For many years I equalled food with both physical and mental pain. From weight watchers to the cabbage soup diet to only low fat/no calorie food to downright starving myself – I basically tried everything to ease the mental pain of being overweight and physical pain of my stomach illness with little to no long term success.

It wasn’t until I joined Team Bangs in 2012 to run the first half marathon of my life that I slowly started realising that food wasn’t the enemy. Contrary, it was vital fuel that I needed to be able to train and stay healthy.

Through my running journey I was able to rediscover food and the way I prepare and consume it.

Parallel to that journey I also managed to get help for my long-time stomach problem, which resulted in me having to become more creative with my cooking as I suffer from allergies & food sensitivities.

greens with chicken

After sharing a lot of my cooking on instagram and getting loads of positive feedback I figured I should share some of my recipes on the blog.

What you’ll quickly discover with most of them is that they are super easy, healthy, versatile and cheap.

I’m no professional cook or nutritionist – but I figured it might inspire some of you to try to eat a bit more colourful & healthier dishes, bursting with taste & nutrition. Plus it will give me extra motivation to try to cook new dishes & maybe even try some baking.

You can find all food related posts under the FOOD category & you can easily find all recipes by using the RECIPES tag.

Hope you like them & find some inspiration.

Roast sweet potato, butternut squash and beetroot

DISCLAIMER: It might seem super obvious but I just want to reiterate that I am not by any means a professional cook or nutritionist, Im simply sharing recipes and tips from my own personal experiences in the kitchen and beyond.

Also, it might be worth noting that I am allergic to tomatoes, peppers/paprika/chilli, pork and turkey. In addition to that, I also have a lot of food sensitivities. This means that most of the recipes shared on the blog will cater to those needs.

However, up until 1½ year ago I still ate all those things since I didn’t know I was allergic, so the occasional recipe with some of those ingredients might pop up, or if I have altered a recipe by taking out any of those ingredients I will let you know.


I know this is almost a month late, but better late than never I suppose…

Not gonna go into a long analysis of 2013 because quite frankly, it was a fucking shit year, and I am relieved and happy that it is finally over.

BUT! Amongst all the shit stuff, the year also had some golden, life changing, moments. So I figured I’d sum it up with a list and some pictures.


– Broke up with my long-term boyfriend

– Was homeless for a few weeks

Brockley room

– Moved into a house where I knew nobody & was totally depressed as I spent the majority of my days on my own in a small room

– Was extremely broke and lived off £10/day for most of the year


– Granddad fell ill in April and sadly passed away in October

Homeless life
– Was homeless again for about a month between Sept-Oct

Granddad funeral

– Granddads funeral in November



Paris half marathon
– Running the Paris half marathon with my mum (I got knocked over and ended up in an ambulance but still finished the race!)


–  FINALLY getting to the end of my stomach treatment!

– Spending time with my best friends

Sam and me

– Getting to know this fella

Malmö half marathon

– Running Malmö Half Marathon with 2 of the best people

– A 2 week holiday in Sardinia with my best friend

Getting flat keys


Renovating flat


Looking back, 2013 really was a crazy year with a lot of downs, but equally some phenomenal ups! Not sure how I had the strength to get through it, but I’m pretty sure I was able to ring in 2014 with the biggest smile on my face thanks to my family and friends.

I was a bit sad that I wasn’t able to reach some of my fitness goals for this year. Compared to 2012, this past year was definitely much less active, especially from August and onwards.

However, after having a closer look at my goals for 2013 and the way the year panned out, Im actually pretty proud of myself!

I might not have achieved the fitness goals I set out to conquer, but I did overcome the biggest health disadvantage of my life – the issue with my stomach.

I also managed to buy a flat despite being incredibly poor for most of the year, and the experience taught me how to budget and be selective and sensible when it comes to spending money.

I did travel a lot, but maybe not to the places I thought I would. However, it’s like I’ve said before – you should be careful what you wish for since life might not always grant you your wishes in the way you expect it to.

Overall, I am thankful for the lessons and insight 2013 gave me. With the pain and sadness came a lot of love and happiness, and I can’t wait to try to make 2014 my year!