Keb Darge on the Jazzman Show


On Friday last week we had the legendary KEB DARGE guesting our Jazzman show on NTS radio. I was a bit nervous because I had never met him before and the impression people were giving me was that he is a very loud and quite eccentric man.

But truth be told I felt incredibly humbled to have met him and he could not have been more polite, charming and a laugh to be around (and not at all as mental as some people had me believe!)


He shared some incredible stories (alongside some fantastic music!) about the typhoon in the Philippines, how he tried to help local communities survive despite all the corruption and much much more (like some funny stories, clarifying some rumours and so on).

A spectacular and super interesting show that you shouldn’t miss out on! So have a listen below and get in contact if you want to book him!

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