Hello! Its Thursday, once again Ive cleaned the house. Im in the kitchen waiting for Victor to call. Cant believe I havent seen him for TWO YEARS! Im starting to get a bit worried because he landed almost 2 hours ago and still no call, but hopefully he’ll be calling soon. Dont really have much to say, everything is a bit upsidedown at the moment. Mindy will be coming tomorrow as well, Harry and me are fighting, Im tired, so yeah, some good stuff and some bad stuff. Im sorry I cant be home to celebrate your 21st birthday Anna, but if I would, Id be looking like I do on the picture above. I miss and love you so much…

So finally my baby sister has graduated. I cried so much. I cried on my way to the school, I cried at the school, I cried on my way from school, I cried at the office, I cried in the car… Lets just say I cried A LOT that day. It seems like it was yesterday she was this little girl with big cheeks, walking on her toes, spilling juice all over herself and eating everything with ketchup (yes, even soup). Now shes all grown up and shes going to uni in the fall. I felt so proud watching her on that stage. I was wondering if she had realised that that day would be one of the best and most memorable days in her life. Time goes too quick. I cant believe I graduated TWO YEARS AGO! Oh and speaking of the devil, shes her now because Im taking her out for lunch before she leaves for barcelona.

Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! Love you!

Okay, so in 12 hours I will be sitting and doing my exam. Hm… So I should technically be in bed dreaming away. But Im not tired. Instead Im sitting in the kitchen listening to Mindys Pussycat Lounge mixtape and dancing in my head. Silly little contracts. Why can I only memorise stupid things and not important things? Like, I can remember what table number I was sitting at the first time I met Camilla (table 25), but I cant seem to memorise more than 3 legal terms. Gaaah! It is very frustrating. It is also VERY frustrating only having 36 pence in my wallet and no credit on my phone. Daddy came home today and my parents called me but I missed their call and I cant call them back. Plus the messages kitten has been writing me. Oh well, at least I did a good deed today and hopefully Lee gets the job at the pub (fingers crossed! Hes smokin’ hot hehe) Anyway, time to go back and re-read 5 contracts before I hit the sack. Im sure Ill be updating as soon as I get bored again.