Year: 2007

Hello! Its Thursday, once again Ive cleaned the house. Im in the kitchen waiting for Victor to call. Cant believe I havent seen him for TWO YEARS! Im starting to get a bit worried because he landed almost 2 hours ago and still no call, but hopefully he’ll be calling soon. Dont really have much […]

So finally my baby sister has graduated. I cried so much. I cried on my way to the school, I cried at the school, I cried on my way from school, I cried at the office, I cried in the car… Lets just say I cried A LOT that day. It seems like it was […]

Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! Love you! Okay, so in 12 hours I will be sitting and doing my exam. Hm… So I should technically be in bed dreaming away. But Im not tired. Instead Im sitting in the kitchen listening to Mindys Pussycat Lounge mixtape and dancing in my head. Silly little contracts. […]