Happy 2019 from Torino

I flew over to Italy to see my better half and ring in the new year with his family and friends.

As you can see on the pictures, the weather was absolutely amazing for my entire stay and we went on some mini adventures both in the city itself and in the countryside around the Alba / Barolo area.

I’ve said it many times before, but I really am so incredibly lucky to have such a loving and caring and thoughtful extended family. Every visit fills my heart with joy (and belly with phenomenal food). I hope that maybe one day we can get a little cottage on the countryside so I can become buddies with all the local nonnas and learn how to cook the most fantastic food!

Christmas in Malmö

My trip back home over the holidays got disrupted due to the drone activity at Gatwick, meaning that my flight got cancelled last minute and I had to scramble to find a flight out of London in time for Christmas that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Sadly, this also meant that my 8 day holiday turned into a 4.5 day manic visit, but I did my best to fill every minute with people I love and even though I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I wanted to, at least I arrived home just in time to catch Santa ;)