Orsii outside St Davids

I’m not sure how we ended up in the middle of September (feels like summer was just getting started!) but I can honestly say that the last 6 weeks have taken their toll on my health.

As some of you know, I gave up running after the marathon due to my knee issues and decided to focus more on strength training by going more frequently to the gym.

The first 6 weeks were great and after introducing “Junk Free July” at home, both me and my training partner Cata were progressing nicely and seeing instant results.

Then my birthday happened in the beginning of August, followed by a 10 day trip to Sweden, that was then followed by a visit from my mum, my graduation and various trips around the UK.

Despite being pretty good at keeping up my gym routine throughout it all (going about 3 times/week) I feel like I let the diet/food side of things slip by drinking more alcohol than I should, as well as consuming a bit more “treats” than I normally do.

I guess for a “normal” person this wouldn’t necessarily be an issue, but due to my stomach issues and not having done my “twice a year” detox in June/July (since Im not allowed to exercise when I do it and I didn’t want to give up going to the gym) I am now in a position where I feel incredibly shit.

After my stomach treatment that I underwent for over a year, if I eat healthy and balanced food (within my “tolerated diet”), exercise 3-4 times a week and only drink on the weekends, I don’t have much issues with my stomach these days.

However, indulging a little bit more than usual in the last 6 weeks (for being me – I wouldn’t say I have been massively unhealthy!) has had a profound impact on me and my health – much bigger than I thought it would!

I cheated on Wednesday morning this week by having a slice of tomato and a slice of ham (which Im allergic to but for some reason I couldn’t bloody resist it – overall I only slip up about 2-3 times a year!) and it is now Friday evening and Im still severely bloated and in incredible pain (and I have been more or less constantly!).

It is crazy to think that this constant pain and bloated stomach used to be my everyday life for so many many years… At least now I have proper tools to deal with it, which means I need to totally reboot my system!

To be able to do this I have

  • ordered my 7 day detox stuff (which is bloody expensive!)
  • set up a new training routine with Cata that we will stick to until I go on holiday end of October
  • ordered some hormone free protein powder so I can up my protein intake (which Im hoping will result in eating less carbs and gaining a bit more muscle!)
  • and this weekend I am going to try to put together some meal plans for the next 6 weeks by going through various fitness and paleo recipe blogs.

Fingers crossed that it will work because I don’t think I can go back living like this – just makes me feel depressed that I am so bloated and in so much pain all the time, not fun to be around at all!

As many of you might know, I have been spending the last three years of my life trying to complete a Masters Degree in Music Industries.

I was incredibly scared and nervous going into this final project for my MA because I know that things can change relatively quickly in the industry.

There’s A LOT of people (in and outside the industry) that have opinions about the things that are happening and many are very vocal about them.

So my biggest worry was to get shot down and penalised by those people, especially people within the industry that I might look up to.

I didn’t want to share my project with the world until I heard back from the examination board because I was terrified that I might get a bad mark and be the laughing stock of my peers…

It got to the point where I was having nightmares about the email that would appear in my inbox, telling me how I had performed. And more or less two months after my deadline, it finally appeared…

Totally on edge, sweating like a maniac, I opened it and followed the links to the results, to then see this…

MA project mark

I screamed and cried at the same time out of happiness and relief!

For somebody who has felt like a damn loser most of her life, this really is one of the most important moments of my life because for the first time I genuinely felt (and feel) like I’m very much the opposite and I am so proud and happy of my achievements!

I’ve been working hard on my attitude and the way I view myself the last 2-3 years, and it was one of my goals going into this MA to improve my confidence and the way I view myself within certain situations in life.

After having one of the worst years of my life in 2013, I am so happy to see that 2014 is so gar going in the right direction.

Orsii Date Night Selfie

On Friday I was taken out on a date which was very exciting for many reason!

We went to a recently discovered Freemason Temple in a forgotten part of Liverpool Street Station where we listened to a Duke Ellington tribute – super lush and lovely experience.

I love doing random little things like that – I had such a great night and weekend all together :)