MARATHON TRAINING WEEK 17: Keeping fitness levels up with injury

ninja turtle smoothie

Week 16 was a relatively quiet training week, mainly because Im still suffering from Runner’s Knee which means I can’t really follow my training plan. I’ve been trying to be as healthy as possible though as Im aware of the fact that Im not moving and running as much as I should be – and this have included drinking my green smoothies!

Mid week swimming

Keeping fit has meant swimming once a week and trying to get in as many runs possible without hurting myself. I have to say that I really liked the mid-week, early morning swim!

Training week 16 - 2

On Friday I attempted to run 5 miles, which went ok but I did it on a treadmill at the gym since its much softer to run on treadmills and I am trying to save my knees for the big day. No pain but I did run at a ridiculously slow pace – and the whole experience was mind-numbingly boring!

Training week 16 - 3

Went back three days later and attempted my 12 miler – but I couldn’t quite make it that far as I started feeling my knees close to 7 miles, so I decided to stop as I just don’t want to push it too much this close to the marathon. Was sweating buckets – I can’t get my head around why people choose to run in the gym instead of outside!

Overall though, if it wasn’t  for my bad knees I would be inclined to say that I feel like I’ve finally gained back the fitness I lost in the second half of 2013. Running 7 miles on a treadmill was incredibly boring, but I felt strong mentally and fitness wise – just need to try to keep my fitness level up now the last 12 days before the race!

The plan is to continue to swim and run on treadmills all the way up to the Friday before the race – however – with my BIG final deadline for my MA being the same day, I am slightly worried about how I will have time to run and finish my project…

Anyway! This weekend I have a race scheduled in, and the rest of my training week will be something like this:


MON: 7 miles – Done
TUE: REST – Done
WED: 5 miles – Done
THU: REST – Done
FRI: REST – Done
SAT: We Own The Night – 10K Race – Done



training week 14 - recovery

My week has consisted of no running what so ever and a decent amount of stretch and strengthening exercises. And of course, foam rolling, which I very much have a love and hate relationship with.

Oxford trip

On Thursday I went on a mini adventure to Oxford (my first time there!) because I was taking part of a debate panel at the SAE institute discussing Record Store Day.

SAE institute

Might not look like a lot of people turned up, but they ended up being around 30-40 people in total which is pretty decent if you ask me! Had loads of fun doing the panel, hopefully I’ll be able to do more of these things in the future!


Then after about 4 hours sleep it was time to head up to Derby to celebrate Easter. My mum had sent a package from Sweden with goodies and for the first time in many years I was able to make a Påskris which ended up looking pretty nice!

Easter present!

She also sent me two Easter presents that I love! One that Im wearing here and another t-shirt that I’m sure I’ll show off at a later date.

Strawberries and cherry beer

I have to admit that we’ve been pretty spoiled up here with lots of lovely food and drink. But since I’m not running I have tried to take it easy and not indulge too much!

mini buns with duck pate

I took Friday off but for the past two days Ive been spending most of my time working on my MA project – so in a way, it has been quite good for my conscious not having to run as I don’t feel bad about doing work instead of running when Im injured.

Walking around Dunstall Estate

However, after 3 straight days inside I decided it was time to get some fresh air as it usually helps me think and get some ideas/see things from a different perspective.

Cute cows

We went for a walk at Dunstall Estate and had a guided tour by Sam’s uncle who works there. We also visited the farm there to see all the baby cows and sheep.

Adorable little sheep!

Why is it that baby animals, not matter what kind, are always so damn cute?! These two were pretty brave compared to the ones we met out in the fields on our walk.

cheeky cows

Got to meet some very cheeky cows as well, didn’t realise she was poking her tongue out at me until afterwards when we were heading back home!

Sam in a tractor

Sam checked out his uncles tractor – it was huge and had loads of fancy functions that I didn’t understand a single word about!

Sam & Orsi

And that’s pretty much what has been going on this past week!

I have so much to do these coming 3 weeks before the marathon so I won’t be doing much apart from working on my MA that is due the same day we fly out to Copenhagen, and hopefully ease myself back into running without causing more knee issues.

Hopefully doing my longest ever run this week, and then it’s tapering time. So fingers crossed I can ease myself into it again with this plan:



WED: 5 miles very slowly – DONE but it hurt a bit after 4 miles
FRI: 10 miles very slowly but only if 5 miler goes ok – DECIDED TO REST
SAT: 20 miles very slowly but only if 10 miler goes ok – DONE but with the help of pain killers after 13-14 miles
SUN: Swim – Not done