Evening! Sorry for the poor updates, but nothing is really happening in my life at the moment. At least nothing exciting worth mentioning. Oh, apart from the lovely weather we have been having. Sunshine all the way baby! I have been working on the new podcast, should be up this weekend if it all goes to plan. Although I am a bit frustrated. First of all, I have been asked to speak on them, and I don’t know whether or not that is a good idea… I mean, I am good at speaking (as some of you might know haha) but the question is, would anybody willingly listen to my randomness? Second of all, I have gotten a few obsessions music wise, only problem is, I CAN’T BLOODY FIND THEM ANYWHERE! One song that I have been listening to on repeat is Mayer Hawthorne’s latest single (that has been played on both Benji B’s 1Xtra show & Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show) “Maybe So, Maybe No”. I have been going to his MySpace page to listen to the track, (which by the way has been on repeat for at least 2 hours every day this past week). I did find it on YouTube, but it has already been taken down due to copyright issues. Although the original from The New Holidays is good too. You can have a listen below (but it’s still not the same! I want the Mayer Hawthorne version so badly it hurts my soul!)

Another obsession (thanks to Mr. Peterson) this week has been Indigo Jam Unit,a Japanese jazz band. I have an LP from 2007 called “Demonstration”, but they have released an LP with only Common tracks, AND IT IS FUCKING AMAZING! I’ve tried buying that as well, but can only find it as a CD (I want it in mp3) on silly Japanese websites where I don’t understand the signs, on English-Japanese sites where it would cost me around 20 pounds plus shipping, OR it has been sold out/is out of stock. I feel like screaming! I did find some of the tracks on YouTube if you want to have a listen.

“Be” (from Common’s album “Be”)

If anybody can hook me up with either of these, or at least tell me where the hell I can get hold of them I would be forever grateful! It is a bit annoying having to go to MySpace or YouTube to be able to listen to the tracks, especially when I’m at work because it looks like I’m not doing any work. And also, I’d like to be able to listen to them when I’m not by my computer…

Ok, I think I have bored you enough now with my music problems. I should get on with selecting the tracks for the new podcast. Give me a shout if you want me to talk on the next one. I need to try out my crappy mic and check if it’s actually possible. Hope you have a nice Friday evening! Much love!

So I needed a day and a half to recover from the massiveness that was Saturday night. A BIG THANK YOU TO Q-TIP + MY LOVELY BROWNSWOOD FAMILY (PEGGY & SIMON FANTASTIC JOB!). I was working the guest list in the beginning of the night. Got a lot of abuse hahaha. Kind of put me in a weird mood. But then I went in to watch Q-Tips performance and I was completely blown away. Have a look:

That gave me goosebumps over my entire body and left me a bit speechless. The entire place was buzzing from start to finish. Everywhere I looked I could see hands in the air, people singing along, dancing, nodding their heads… I can’t really describe it with words, but when he started doing “Award Tour” the crowd went fucking MENTAL! I was dancing like I’ve never danced before!

To get the feel of the atmosphere, have a look at the video Lefto made from the balcony. LOOK AT THE CROWD! MASSIVE! Lefto also got some nice footage from the after party which was crazy! Warehouse basement, 700 people, absolutely mental!

Very nice to see Emily again! Haven’t seen her since I left Brownswood and I have missed her so much! Bumped into Si from Futuristica who I also havent seen for a while and it made me so happy. Adam, the tour manager of Breakestra who I met this summer at World Wide Festival also made it, and it felt nice to speak a bit of Swedish. I can’t believe he is arranging a show with Benji B in Gothenburg! Bumped into some Brownswood regulars which was nice as well, they are always so sweet and make me smile. All in all, an AMAZING night. Something I will tell my grandchildren about!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight is the night! And, I am still so ill that I don’t know what to do with myself! I have been excited about this gig for months, MONTHS! I need to go and buy a bucket of make up to cover up this pathetic excuse for a face. My nose is destroyed from all the snot and tissue activity that has been going on for the past week. Its all red and soar… And I have black luggage (not bags but luggage) under my eyes. Not to mention that I have nothing to wear and the closest shops to where I live are chavtastic. Oh well, who cares? It is Q-Tip!! Ok, I need to make a move. I start in 4 hours. Have a great weekend! If you are coming down, I shall see you at the Roundhouse or at the after party. Either way, IT’S GONNA BE DOPE! Remind me to charge my camera!