EVENT: Brownswood Pop-Up Record Shop

Also, as some of you might know, it is Record Shop Day on Saturday! A day when you should go out and support your local record shop. I actually had a big article about this in my head, seeing as I manage the Fat City Shop these days, but I will save my massive rant for a later date ;)

Come down and say hello as I will be DJ-ing there between 12am – 1pm! And if that isn’t a good enough reason to come (shame on you!), we are also bringing down lots of goodies from Jazzman to sell, so you might want to be there early before all thebest bits are snapped up (by me hahaha).

Worldwide Awards 2011

Big up Lefto for this great video! I had an amazing time at WWA this weekend, even though I was working. Massive thanks and shouts to Gilles Peterson and the Brownswood crew (especially Peggy, Simon and Alex for doing such a fantastic job with the awards, and to Ems for being my partner in crime at the merch stall and making me giggle throughout the night)

Was great to see some of the extended worldwide family present at the awards as well and some lovely faces I havent seen for such a long time. Now bring on Worldwide Festival 2011 so we can party!

P.s. Make sure you read this great review of the evening by Joe Muggs!

EVENT: Brownswood at East Village


So, if you are in London this Friday, I hope you know that this is where you should be at. The Brownswood fam is putting on yet another great night at East Village and it is def worth checking out! I mean, you can’t go wrong with peeps like Seiji, Mamiko Motto, my girl Ahu and my boys, Lefto & the bPm! So be there, or be square.