Girls trip to Barcelona

Part of my bridesmaids duties involved organising a secret weekend for my BFF Anna in Barcelona with my fellow bridesmaids and I was blown away by all the funny, strong, talented, smart and beautiful women that showed up to celebrate this truly remarkable person <3

We kind of agreed that whatever happened in Barcelona would stay in Barcelona, so I can’t reveal too much… But hand on my heart I couldn’t have wished for the weekend to be any better – we had so much fun!

The Big Half Marathon

I seem to have this habit of trying to convince people who have never done it to run a half marathon with me. Appreciate that it might sound like a very cruel thing to do to somebody you like, but considering what an amazing impact running my first half had on me, I really want more people to feel that feeling and know just how amazing they are.

This time around I managed to convince my poor friend Carla to run with me and it just so happened that on the day of the race, we had the lovely storm Gareth come into affect which made for an interesting (read: incredibly windy) run.

Despite consistent training, I can honestly say that I sadly did THE WORST pre-race preparation for this half… I didn’t hydrate properly the days beforehand, I didn’t eat for more than 14 hours before the run, I had a DJ gig until 3am in the morning, I drank quite a lot of beer the night before and I had 3 hours sleep – not ideal circumstances to say the least!

But despite all of that we made it!! It took us 2 hours and 16 minutes, pretty sure Carla could have done it quicker but I was dragging her down and I couldn’t be prouder of her! Now I can’t wait for our next one ;)

Family time in London

It’s been an intense few days with many things happening, including my mum and her best friend visiting me here in London.

They were absolute troopers who went on some sightseeing trips across London in less than ideal weather conditions. But at least they went on the London Eye which I still haven’t done after almost 14 years here.

As a huge bonus I also got to meet my cousin (!!) who I’ve never met before :) He lives here in the UK now as well and made the trip into London to see both me and my mum for the first time.