It feels like more and more of my close friends are getting married, which is scary on one side because it makes me feel old, but also fun because I get to see so many people I love who live far away from.

Safe to say we had an absolute blast celebrating Neil & Elley on their special day <3

One of my favourite people turned 80 this month so I flew home to throw her a surprise birthday party :)

A couple of days after the birthday celebrations, one of my best childhood friends got married! It was such an amazing day and it so much fun to catch up with people I’ve known for the majority of my life but that I haven’t seen for many years.

We also managed to catch a mini heatwave so spent some time exploring various beaches and doing road trips to “hidden” places across Skåne and Denmark.

This little cutie pie also came to visit us in Malmö for a few days so we explored the city as much as we possibly could, ate nice food, had some giggles with my mum and of course – watched MFF play ;)