48 hours in Amsterdam

These super speedy European weekend breaks are starting to become something regular it seems. Jumped on a plane to spend some quality time with my two best friends in Amsterdam.

How is it possible to love and miss people so much!? I can’t explain just how much this trip was needed to recharge my batteries, even if I ended up coming back more tired.

The weather was amazing and we ended up renting some bikes to transport us around the city in the glorious sunshine. We visited Westerpark for some drinks at the Troost brewery and then had a little walk around the park before cooling down with an ice-cream.

We decided to have a chilled evening on Cata’s balcony and bought loads of yummy food and drinks to have a BBQ whilst watching the sun set. Best idea ever as their balcony is lovely and it’s making me want to sort out ours (even though it is 1/3 of the size of theirs).

All in all it was the perfect evening – at least until the games came out and I beat everybody in monopoly deal, twice ;) I’d say I was a much better winner than they were losers haha but then again, it miiiiight have been related to the fact that I was extremely lucky. Maybe.

I also made the girls recreate *that photo* and I think we did a much better job this time. Or even if we didn’t, it’s fun to have these pics so we can look back in 10 years time and laugh.

The next day we were joined by Ilaria who these days live in Leiden and we had brunch outside at a place called Dignita. Lovely food but sadly “dutch service” which meant that things took forever and it drove Anna crazy. Funny to watch, but annoying when having to wait 40 min for a coffee.

Then in true Amsterdam style, we managed to meet up with some friends who have a boat, so we went on a little adventure on the canal, exploring the city by water.

A first for me so it was very exciting, albeit a bit scary at times. But it was great and the perfect ending to an amazing weekend that literally flew by.

Until next time Amsterdam – you were a bit like a dream <3

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