A radio show on hold…

Hello my friends,

So I am very aware of the fact that I am almost 2 weeks late with my new FEVER radio show again.

The most annoying thing about it is that the music has been sorted for about 3 weeks now, but when I wanted to record it I realised that I can’t do it on the mac as I wanted to try out using my serato, but since it’s an SL1 and I don’t have a line-in it just doesn’t work…

Very infuriating, specially since it took me a good few hours of faffing around, connecting and reconnecting everything last weekend until I finally realised what the problem was.

So now I either try to put it together in some software, I try recording it on my PC (but in the past that has meant very very poor sound quality), or I just scrap the whole thing and do another all vinyl show (which wouldn’t be a problem, but still annoying as I spent a lot of time selecting the music for this particular show!).

Not sure what to do, but it is on it’s way. Almost get the feeling that all these obstacles before every show are a sign that I should give up on it all. BUT I REFUSE!

If anybody has any smart solutions on how to record from an SL1 to a mac that doesn’t have a line-in feel free to give me some advice!

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