A Love Supreme at 50 – A Tribute to John Coltrane by Black Classical

‘A Love Supreme’ was recorded in one session on December 9, 1964 in Van Gelder studio and released on Impulse! Records the following year. Ever since, this phenomenal LP has had a lasting influence on the contemporary Jazz landscape, with many artists and musicians citing both the album and the artist as an important influence.

To mark the 50th anniversary of ‘A Love Supreme’, my good friend Black Classical has put together a two hour tribute for The Jazz Meet featuring an amazing selection of tunes, all picked from across the Jazz spectrum and unquestionably bearing a mark of Coltrane’s teachings.

So if you want to treat yourself to 120 minutes of pure musical bliss, then make sure you listen to the mix below, it really is mindblowingly good!

  • bkclx

    Thanks a trillion million love as always XXXX

    December 11, 2014


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