I am so excited and happy to finally be able to share my final MA project with you all:


It took me over a year to create it and I have been sitting on pins & needles waiting to hear back on the mark on it.

Super proud that I managed to score 75% in total for it  and I can’t thank the contributors enough for what they helped me achieve! It wouldn’t have been possible without them that’s for sure!

So what is The Music Industry Cookbook all about?

To put it simply, The Music Industry Cookbook (The Mic) is a tool kit for small music businesses to develop their online activity.

The project as a whole isn’t absolute in its existence and the long-term goal is to have the MIC as an evolving piece of work, with content being changed and added over time, in line with how the music industry and it’s circumstances are changing.

As some of you will notice (and as some people have already highlighted), there are interesting aspects from the music industry that are currently missing in the MIC tool kit – these include the use of streaming services such as Spotify, video streaming sites such as Youtube, various app usage and so on.

I wasn’t able to include these areas in the first edition of the tool kit due to lack of time, manpower and knowledge.

I pointed this out in my critical evaluation, but that was mainly for academic purposes so it’s not really featured on the MIC site –  that is why I am mentioning it again.

However, I do believe that they are all very important areas that I would love to include and expand on in the future!

So if you would like to contribute in any way, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH! It is an ongoing process and I am (for the time being anyway) a one man band, so I would love to hear from you.

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