What a lovely weekend!

Orsii weekend face

This was my exhausted but happy face on Friday evening when I finished work – what an intense but lovely day and what a great finish to an exhausting week!


I was super chuffed that our first official “decorative purchase” for the flat went up on the wall too! Oh, our beloved pineapple (that we got from Print Club London), just makes me smile every time I look at it.

Crystal Palace view

After the roofer left Saturday morning, we went swimming and then rented a car to quickly drop off some stuff at Lewisham recycling centre.

We then had a  walk through Forest Hill & Sydenham, all the way up the hill to Crystal Palace for some lunch and antique shopping. What a view!

weekend lunch with cata

I was very pleasantly surprised with the lunch we had in one of the pubs on the corner of the park – the sun was shining and I was so full & content that I could have easily fallen asleep on that bench!

new mirror

Ended up buying this “shabby chic” mirror for £75 – don’t care what people are saying – it WILL look AMAZING in a matte, off-white colour (with some potential gold detailing) in our living room on the big wall above the radiator.

lancashire hotpot

Finished off the weekend by cooking a Lancashire hotpot – took me roughly 3 hours after my long run & it tasted nice, but I think the recipe I got from Waitrose had too much stock in it! Next time (if there will be one…) I will definitely use around 300ml stock and not 500ml!

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