EVENT: Jukebox Jam Vol. 2 Launch Party with Young Jessie LIVE!



The entire Jazzman Records crew is extremely proud and excited to present without doubt the biggest ever Jukebox Jam event yet on the  9th November 2013.

Besides celebrating the launch of Jukebox Jam Vol. 2  that will be available for sale on the night, we will also be joined by the legendary Young Jessie, flying in direct from Atlanta, US, performing a very rare and very special live show.

This is a very rare opportunity to see one of the legends of the era and music that we all love, in person and backed by the finest R&B players on these shores in a band led by one of our own legends, Big Boy Bloater. This is a set which will surely be remembered for a long time…

The night will also feature a support act and the customary late night disc session, where we will be joined by guest DJ Mik Parry – without a doubt one of the most influential spinners on the R&B scene, having given exposure to dozens of hard, minor key R&B dancers over the past decade or so.

Alongside Mik will be Jazzman Gerald, plus the traditional JukeJam triumvirate of Liam Large, Michael Jemmeson and Snakester.

The venue is
New Empowering Church
1a Westgate Street
E8 3RL

Doors open 9pm and close 3am but please note that the live music will start early!

Tickets are £15 in advance and you can BUY THEM HERE!

Hope to see you on the dancefloor folks!

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