NEW MUSIC: Sign of Four

Sign Of Four - Jumping Beans / Samba Electronico

Let’s be honest folks, I VERY RARELY get excited by new music these days.

There are many reasons for this, none that I won’t go on about this time around.

Instead, I would like you to check out these two tracks off a forthcoming Jazzman Records release by Sign Of Four.

Cross my heart and hope to die – This, my friends, isn’t just some of the best NEW music I have heard in a long time, but it’s also the first time in ages Im genuinely intrigued and excited about something new (as opposed to reissued music that I tend to be drawn to more and more these days…)

Anyway, despite mainly doing reissues, Sign Of Four is a new signing to Jazzman Records and you just have to check out the debut 45 that will be released 10th December 2012!

JM093A Sign of Four – Jumping Beans by Fryer_JazzmanRecords

JM093B Sign of Four Samba Electronico by Fryer_JazzmanRecords

Full album release will come early next year so keep your eyes and ears open!

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