@ArtOfBeatz radio guest mix & interview

Last month I was contacted by the lovely people that host Vancouver’s longest-running terrestrial electronic music radio show, Art Of Beatz.

For over eight and a half years they’ve hosted mixes from artists such as Kode 9 and Alex P. of The Orb to Opolopo and Amalia; to kids out of their bedrooms.

It was a great pleasure to put together this one hour selection for them, especially since I haven’t really done any mixes or radio since I lost all my digital music archive this summer (yes – 16 years worth of stuff all gone…)

Anyway, apart from asking me to do a guest mix, they also did a little interview with me and here is a little taster:

She’s host of Little Miss Sunshine over at Laid Back Radio and bad gyal reppin’ for Fat City Records, Jazzman Records and the mighty Run Dem Crew. Orsii’s selections of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Soul and other groove based wonder put a serious groove in our step this summer and we wanted to our audience to hear one of London’s finest who’s been making our heads nod in a big way. We reached out, she said yes, now you get to hear one of our favorite new sounds from London town..

Art Of Beatz: What did we hear tonight?

Orsii: You basically heard a small snap shot of the type of music I love and live for. Everything from Modal and Spiritual Jazz to Funk, Soul and Rhythm & Blues. Some of it is old or present Jazzman releases and others are just songs and artists that I have discovered along the way of my musical journey.

Art Of Beatz: Is there an Orsii sound?

Orsii: You tell me. I just play music I love and am very lucky that some people (like you) show an interest in what I love.


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