#mamusicind MED7201 Week 2: #10×10 ideation task


What’s been bugging you recently? How would you use technology to solve a problem in your life?

Using appropriate brainstorming ideas, come up with ten ideas in ten minutes. Each idea should be something you could pitch on Twitter – you should be able to summarise each idea in 140 characters or less. Consider tweeting your ideas as you go – you need to start putting ideas out there.


With the help of SCAMPER* I came up with the following ideas (in no particular order of good/bad!):

  1. App that auto-updates oyster card with cheapest option according to your schedule so you don’t waste money on days you don’t travel
  2. An app that acts like a shopping list & that also alerts you of what you might be running out of & have to buy soon again
  3. Container for coffee/tea/sugar/etc that indicates/flashes when you’re running low & sends a reminder to your phone to buy more
  4. App for record collectors that prevents them from accidentally buying the same record again & instead recommends one they don’t have
  5. Running/exercise app that lets you plan/map out & share routes on your phone & that guides you through the route whilst doing it
  6. Music app that auto-creates new playlists out of your own music depending on what you’ll be doing (2 hour run or 30 min cooking)
  7. A bookmark tool that recaps all the important bits you’ve already read in a quick & easy way in case you forgotten (some of) them
  8. An electronic wall calendar that is synced with & displays your “digital calendar/s” for the whole family to see & share
  9. An internet modem that switches to 3G when the service provider is having difficulties so you don’t end up without internet EVER
  10. An adaptor that lets you hook your decks/mixer with your iphone/ipad to record mp3s straight into your device & share them

No research for any of these ideas was required, so it might be that some or parts of these ideas already exists.

Nevertheless, it would be great to hear your thoughts on it as I am trying to nurture and develop my inner innovator and see what awesome things I might be able to come up with!

*SCAMPER is a creative tool and can be broken down into the following
S- Substitute
C- Combine
A- Adapt
M- Magnify/ Modify
P- Put to other uses
E- Eliminate/ Erase
R- Rearrange


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